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I believe Celtic was originally going to play a Tiefling Warlord, but she changed her character.
Ah, missed that change - I was going by the apps in the ad...

Hey everyone, and welcome to the game!

First things first, and I noticed some of you are already doing this -- let's get stats up and running, and put a link in the Character Stats thread, and a link to your sheets in the game. This way I can automatically adjust for XP.

Within a day or so, I'll be creating the Combat Adjudicator -- Celtic Guardian 7 has messed with it before in another one of my games -- it's pretty easy to work.

As for mapping, I'm planning on using More on that in a day or so.

I edited it in. To explain, in this game, we were given five questions to answer off the bat. Then we had a topic to shoot questions at each other while ComicsFan observed and decided which characters got in from the answers. So anything after the initial five were not asked in the first part of the application, but later as more questions were asked.

Thanks! Most likely it'll be from a rumor of some sort about how suspicious people have been there, or just him traveling for answers. At least it shouldn't be as bad as the first game he was in. In that one, he got hired (with the other party members) to bring a box to a magic user in a tower. When they delivered it successfully, she opened it, saying she was hired to speak with the spirit of the head in the box. And that head was Sasha's. "Whoops." Gene, needless to say, was traumatized.

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