The Tavern

Yes, it was easily the most interesting start to a game I have ever had. His next goal was to try finding a way to revive him, but the game ended shortly after. Hopefully this one works out!

I'll be sure to pick up the
When you perform this ritual in the presence of a corpse or a skull, you witness an auditory and visual replay of the moments before the death of that creature, as seen from the creature’s perspective.
Last Sight Vision ritual, just in case.

BTW, I really like that format of players getting to ask the characters questions, instead of just the DM. It seems like a good way to ask people to develop their character's backstory in ways they may not have anticipated. Wouldn't mind doing something like this here too.

I really loved doing that too. It's the reason that game was the one I was hoping to get in the most. =) All of those details about Gene's town, for instance, probably would not have been thought of without others asking.

Stat block's up now.

Well, let's do it, then. Setting up a forum now where each of you answer a question, and then ask another character a new question (or multiple characters questions), then they would answer, and ask another character a question --- rinse, repeat.

Would we be better off waiting to do this until the sixth player is chosen? Or let him/her play catch-up?

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