The Tavern

Celtic, did you add your sheet to the game? I'm still not seeing it in the drop-down when I click your username.

I didn't, and now I remember why. I didn't want to because it's technically not finished yet. I need to know how much gold we have. (Stat-wise it's complete, not mundane item-wise though.)

So. I'm a little bit OCD. Whenever I join a game, either in progress or just starting, it really helps me to chart out the PCs to get a sense of the party as a whole. So, I did that! Here's the result, if anyone else is curious.

Some things to note:
* In terms of ratios, the party has 2 Defenders, 1 Striker, 1 Controller and 1 Leader. We also have 2 Martial classes, 2 Primal classes (1 multiclassed Divine) and 1 Arcane class.
* We're pretty well-covered in terms of skills, especially exploration-based skills. Nobody is trained in Bluff, Diplomacy or History.
* Unsurprisingly, Gene will be our stealth-and-traps guy. Everyone will do a collective head-desk when they realize they've been asking the potential last member of the royal family to disable dangerous, deadly traps.
* Surprisingly, Gwen will be our best scout character, with the highest Perception and Insight. Although sending our mage-type character in first seems counter-intuitive, she has more HP than everyone but our Defenders, and has Hide Armor to protect her. Given Gwen is, by my count, the only character to have been to Wyvern Mountain before, there's good fluff sense for her to take point.
* Every character has at least one skill they are best at:
Gene: Acrobatics, Stealth, Streetwise, Thievery
Tosun: Arcana
Willem: Athletics
Gwen: Heal, Insight, Nature, Perception, Religion
Baggrin: Dungeoneering, Endurance

Just food for thought as we scale the mountain.

...That is actually a really funny point about Gene's heritage and the risks he takes that I never considered. XD Got a laugh from me!

Love seeing you do these charts and comparisons. One of those pictures is not like the others... XP

Woooaaa thats a great idea with the chart and comparisons I think thats a great way to start a campaign

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