Ultima Ratio Regum, Scene I

Quickly, Cynthia described what had occurred previously, letting Underwood fill in such details as he saw fit. And then she mentioned Solomon Birch's strange secrets.
"I didn't get much out of Rajani, either. I just don't think she knew much... though she did confirm that Rebecca was there." Lauren frowned. "About Birch... that's very strange. And that Niall knows... Maybe one of us should talk to him. But not me." She was well aware that Niall hadn't forgiven her for costing him his job as High Sheriff.

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"Now? Now, we send Darrow after Chambers to make that eye contact and get that mental rundown. That is, if she hasn't already left yet. Make it look incidental if you can, Darrow; we don't want her suspecting."
Lauren shifted her weight. "If we don't want her suspecting anything, then I probably shouldn't do it... I've never used it on anyone supernatural without them noticing."

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"Other than that? Wait for Lamothe to finish with Father Birch, head back to the ranch, and do a little research. That is, if there aren't any more leads to follow up here? You all know who we should be talking to more than me, if there's anybody else…make me an offer."
"I think that's all we're going to get out of people tonight... but we should wait for Erin to finish up. Maybe she found something." Lauren shrugged. "I can meet with Rebecca tomorrow, and Othello should show up, too. Beyond that, we do have some stuff we can research."


"So be it." The Black Bishop said, and he fell silent for a moment, continuing to walk along. He would have preferred to have had first claim to Jacob Wright, but he would have to do without it. He was, after all, the leader of the Lancea et Sanctum, he had Alistair Niall as his personal spy, he was not without influence or resources. He'd simply have to find Wright first, and then Birch would tear him limb from limb with his bare hands. "Do you want me to occupy Mary? She may hate me for a time for it, but it will remove her from this unholy debacle." As Bishop, Birch could find something to occupy Mary. A sudden embassy to another city, most likely. Or an investigation out in the hinterlands.

"No matter what, Mary will not have my pity." Birch said simply. "She has blood and faith. She does not need my pity."


Lauren, Underwood

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"And that Niall knows... Maybe one of us should talk to him. But not me." She was well aware that Niall hadn't forgiven her for costing him his job as High Sheriff.
"Not me. Alistair Niall and I don't really get along..." Cynthia said, though she didn't offer any details. Then again, Cynthia was a pagan Acolyte, Niall was an old fashioned Sanctified.

Let me know if you guys are ready to move on; I'll move Lauren to meet Rebecca, and the rest of the gang to Russell House and Rakesh's research-seminar.

Erin thought about it.

"No," she finally said. "It would likely be better, and wiser. But I think she's been tormented enough, by the people she loves."

"If we find him, we will tell you," she said.


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