Lasciel, She Who Mars the Skin of Gods

You have less armour, but more overall soak. Rewritten DBT counts lethal soak as Stamina instead of half Stamina, plus 5L added from armoured hide. Hide-Toughening Essence lets you spend up to your Essence in motes to add two points of bashing and lethal soak, that's an additional 6L. Silken Armour is 5L soak.

10+6+5=21, Mushi when panda'd up and with Hide-Toughening Essence on can rock 21L soak, and Hide-Toughening Essence is scenelong.

A tank if I ever saw one.

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MoEP Bloodgoths
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, etc.

Changes made to Lasciel:

Lost the following charms (regained 19BP):

Ravening Mouth of Archery
Withering Feathered Maelstrom
Elegant Executioner Stance
Splinter of the Void
Blade-Summoning Gesture
Void Sheath Technique

Gained Bacground "Artefact: OO (Thunderbolt Shield)"

Swapped Ominous Portent Method with Void Stares Back

Gained the following charms (9BP):

Raiton's Nimble Perch
Crouching Gargoyle Stance
Mist Over Ice

Gained +1 to Strength and +1 to Stamina (8BP)

Swapped "Single Combat" melee speciality for another "Daiklave" speciality.

@Illusionist: I've been thinking about raising Hungering Mouth of Darkness' damage a bit, what do you think would be a suitable value to raise it by (and a suitable increase in the Attune cost, obviously)?

I'll let you get it up to 10L/2 without any increase in attune cost. 11L is Grand Daiklave territory - so at 11L and beyond, increase attune to 7m, cap out at 13L. Can't let you increase the Overwhelming value beyond 3 (that is definitely Grand Daiklave territory) - so a total of 13L/3, final attunement cost of 8m.

Also, I fixed the Thunderbolt Shield stats for you (they're also in errata, following the 2.5 change of shields being high-defense, low-damage weapons).

I'm a bit confused about the shield having an accuracy and damage ratings, is that in case it was used as a weapon, or is there some other use for it?

Edit: Nevermind, I'm stupid. That's what I get for trying to read and post while doing other things - again! xD

Yes, in case of use as a weapon. It's kind of why shield bash exists. Never underestimate a shield. A mundane shield is, essentially, a large chunk of wood that may be shod with metal. It's rather astonishing how much that description resembles a club, no? A perfectly valid real-life style while rolling sword-and-board is to lead with the shield, push it into the enemy's personal space to crowd him or outright him him with it, and then follow up with the other weapon.

I like shields, don't you?

EDIT: Watch. And note how the legionaries roll.

Yup, that's obvious, the question was just me being an airhead and not reading your post closely!


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