Chapter 3: Another way


"Yes," Fortune gravely nods, "it will be risky. Both choices -- meet the fake Nymeria and seek out Tailen -- are dangerous. It's up to us to select the lesser of the two evils. I will not force us to take one route over the other."

She looks from Gruunk to the other two. "Perhaps we will have to resolve this with votes? You know what I vote for, what about you two?"

Gruunk Bloodfist
Half-orc Barbarian (Berserker)
Current HP: 57/57 Bloodied: 28 Healing Surges Used: 0/9 (17)

Gruunk grunts. Then scatches himself. He examines his fingernails and scratches himself again. He then realizes it's quiet and adds, "Um, you know my vote. Leave the Tailen bitch. We know she's real; we know she's pissed. Might hold some weight over a fake Nymeria."

The half-orc resumes scatching himself in unpleasant places...

Listening to the dizzying discussion, Jil'li'kai seems to be trying to wrap his head around all of it when he's addressed, "What light can this one shed on a subject of which he has no knowledge? This one has had no dealings with the drow, nor knew where they were until a man followed you here. What would you know?"


"This Nymeria semed to know something about you," Vicky replies. "If she is a shapeshifter of some kind, you may have dealt with her in the past, or with someone she knew. Can you tell us what you've done generally in the past? It might be a clue."

"this one cannot speak of his past, save to say it has led him to his present. This one does seek a man that can face dance, so this nymeria may be the one a man seeks. Beyond that, this one is unsure of what you ask. If it is details, ask detailed questions and this one will try to answer," the gith says, as if his answer were plain as day the whole time.


"Very well," Fortune says, slightly annoyed. "What do you know about this face changer you seek?"

"this one knows it is responsible for the deaths of many in my city, and beyond that nothing. This one seeks to bring him the justice that has been waiting for him, no more, no less."


"If that's what you can tell us, we'll make do with that. Will you give your vote whether to talk to Tailen or the fake Nymeria first, now?"

"this one cannot offer guidance by way of vote, as a man is unfamiliar with either, save for the fight that occurred. This one will leave such judgment to more informed minds."


"I'm not sure any of us qualifies to be 'informed minds', but it's all we have," Fortune replies, slightly disappointed.

She turns to Tarner. "What do you think, warforged?"


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