Chapter 3: Another way

Nymeria eyes Jil, a small smile drifting over her face before it disappears, I can. But life's full of wonderful mysteries. I'd hate to be the one to spoil the surprise for you. Now eat and then go about your mission.


Fortune hesitantly picks up some food and eats it. She keeps up the role of a nervous servant, while making sure to savor food she hasn't tasted in years. 'Whoever you are, you're not intending to make it any easier for us than Nymeria was,' she thinks to herself. Focusing her mind, she
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shares one of her thoughts with Gruunk.

'Perhaps ask what type of caravan or what the wagon contains? In particular, inflammable? Also, will the house get in trouble if we're seen?'


Merril has remained quiet. There has been no real need to talk to these people yet. She stands guard over her mistress. The black scale armor she wears is only broken in color by the blood red outstretched hand across her chest. She has a pack slung across her back, and a round light shield in her off hand. In her main hand she holds a goblet of wine that ship sips from now and again as the others talk. Her hand is framed by a set of three blades that come off the back of her wrist. A holy symbol hangs down from her neck, though the strange symbol doesn't look very
Still trying to find out what her symbol looks like, may have to make it up.
recognizable. She stares intently at the half-orc. So far he seems like the most troublesome of the lot. She takes another long sip, having already eaten before the group's arrival.

Namyria looks askance at Merril, and Merril, my good dear, I am counting on you to make sure that this action stays as anonymous as possible.

She lets the group finish up their breakfast and enjoy any of the food before them before politely asking them to leave. You've got your marching orders, and your new companion. What now?


Fortune finishes her meal. She allows Gruunk to appear to be the leader, not wanting to raise any unnecessary suspicion.

When they are out of the room, she will humbly suggest that they could ask for more information the caravan, to plan where and when to hit it.


"I will go the library and see what information I can find on both Avrala and the caravan," Fortune says. "Perhaps you can ask the majordomo or anyone that might know about the caravan and the route it follows?"

"It would help us a lot if we can find a place where we can trap the wagon by unleashing a rockslide or the like. Or perhaps turn otherwise neutral creatures on them, using deceit. From Nymeria's orders, it did not seem like it was a problem if the entire caravan should come to a halt. Though, given the size of it, it is highly unlikely."

With that, she makes a curtsy and leaves for the library.

Gruunk Bloodfist
Half-orc Barbarian (Berserker)
Current HP: 57/57 Bloodied: 28 Healing Surges Used: 0/9 (17)

Gruunk hears Fortune's thoughts and looks at her confused. They are shoo-ed out of the room before he can relay the request. He calls out to the tiefling as she heads for the library, "Hey, maybe we find out who's symbol this is. Maybe it is important?"

Gathering such info is not a barbarian's forte. It's usually grabbing them by the collar and screaming, "TELL ME NOW!!" And since that just gets you killed in the Underdark, he will trust in someone elses skill using his perception to find the sign.

Tarner begins to scan his memory banks, but finds no information about their target. "No information found in data banks relating to current situation." When Fortune turns to go to the library, he says, "Perhaps I should come with you? My memory is, by default, much more accurate than yours, and two people searching produces better results than just one."


Fortune nods. "You're welcome to join me. You can find information on the symbol while I search for information about the caravan, and then we can coordinate our results."


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