Who is ambushing who? - Battle!

Who is ambushing who? - Battle!

After conferring quietly with the group, and determining that Oloben was really the only stealthy one of the bunch, the elf resignedly gives a few silent pointers, moving with exaggerated slowness to try and keep the groups noise to a minimum.

He leads the group around the bend, keeping them in behind cover while he himself seeks a good position to begin the ensuing battle against the gnomes and sinister looking, taller humanoid.

As he raises his bow, however, one of the gnomes yells out, "Now!" and the parties attempt at surprise goes out the window as bedlam breaks loose...

OOCI use a somewhat modified initiative system for my games, to keep things flowing smoothly. Actions are acted upon in the order the post is received, unless specified otherwise within said post. I simply work out (through the median of a rolled set of init) whether the party or the enemy goes first. In this case the "Enemy" goes first.

Please note that this map is prior to Xyrhanna's movement ability, which initiates at the roll of initiative, prior to enemy or ally actions.


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Actions all?
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The two gnomes seem to work in tandem, obviously having their plan for such an event as this in place long before this time. The one closest to the northern door yanks it open, and he rushes through and out of sight of all but his allies. The southerly gnome, on the other hand, makes a break for the far hallway, also disappearing out of sight. The two move with the smooth assurance of skilled thieves, and make little sound in the process. It seems unlikely that they are out of the fight...

Erron curses in draconic at the gnome's call, the guttural language perfectly suited to his words. He pauses to let Xyrhanna and Unit move into the room, curious to see his new companions in action.

Holding his drawn sword, Erron looks to Oloben and shrugs.

The dark figure's cowl seems to lift slightly in a gesture that you can only exists in parallel with a rolling of the eyes you cannot quite see beneath the flat black cowl. You hear him mutter elven;french. The figure moves with deadly grace toward the north door the gnome already left through.
Main Hand: A sharp implement Off-Hand: A ball on a chain Worn: Flat Black Leather

Round 1

In the blink of an eye, before the gnome's words are even out of his mouth, Xyrhanna moves at the speed of thought, almost before she herself had registered the threat. As others are still coming to a realization of the impending battle, the armored tiefling has already overtaken her companions and moved into the room.

OOC:Speed of Thought to F5

It is at this point that the gnomes make a break for the exits, one opening the door north and hurrying through, while the other cuts out towards the hallway to the east.

Meanwhile, the dark figure's cowl seems to lift slightly in a gesture that you can only exists in parallel with a rolling of the eyes you cannot quite see beneath the flat black cowl. You hear him mutter "Uj oit! Ugn vrech ambru pro vurrambrour uprertoyaspour reuik lgoy grue. Neuissu! . The figure moves with deadly grace toward the north door the gnome already left through, disappearing out of sight.

With all enemies fled the immediate scene, it seems as if they party would need to rush after one or the other departing targets, but with the roar of a well-fed fire, two flames erupt in the room, flaring briefly as semi-solid creatures seemingly formed of molten lava step out of the flames, before dying as abruptly as they formed. Sadly, the magma creatures stick around, and without hesitation, charge across the intervening space to attack Xyrhanna!

Xyrhanna easily evades their fiery claws, her tiefling heritage perhaps protecting her from the distracting heat and flame of their assault to where she is able to bring her shield and sword to bear in a perfect block and parry.

END of ENEMIES Actions

Party's actions?
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Xyrhanna's eyes continue to glow red as she lashes out at the pair of creatures in front of her with the long sword she only scant moments ago, drew.
Main Hand: Longsword Off-Hand: Heavy Shield Worn: Scale Armor

Unit comes to life ... or at least animation ... and moves up to Xyrhanna. With precise movements -- some may even say rigid -- he shifts his grip on his metal staff, ending up with both hands on one end. He strikes the other end at one of fiery creatures. A slight buzzing sound escapes as he touches the creature.

"Testing force 58, frequency 34," he booms out.

If the attack seems to do damage, he'll call out: "Please stand adjacent to benefit from the same frequency."

Marisa darts back to Unit's shoulder, not wanting to be too close to the action. Particularly not with all the heat radiating from them.

OOC:Adjusted Unit's movement to put him adjacent to an enemy target. E5 was behind Xyrhanna... Let me know if you had a different square in mind, but I've adjusted to F4 to keep things moving for now, and make Units actions possible.

Xyrhanna's eyes blaze with fiery light as her psionics augments her assault, allowing her time and opportunity to slash her blade across both opponents. The stony armor of her first opponent however proves resilient to her assault, though she is able to adjust her angle ever so slightly to gain success against the second, scoring a glancing blow designed primarily to draw the creature's attention.

Meanwhile, as the diminutive sylvan flits back to the shoulder of her clomping, machine-like companion, Unit's voice booms out his intentions, arcane and confusing as they are, and the connection of his weapon with the northern-most magma creature causes a portion of its rocky body to solidify and collapse into a toxic looking ash that billows about the creature's stumpy 'legs'. With such success, Unit calls out, "Please stand adjacent to benefit from the same frequency."

This instruction seems to mean something to Oloben, who moves forward, his stealthy, skittering walk from earlier gone now, replaced with the smooth gliding grace of a stalking wolf, his eyes flitting to the locations of his allies as he moves in to stand behind Unit and Xyrhanna, and fires an arrow into Unit's opponent from this point-blank range. The arrow, predictably, slams into the creature's upper chest, and disappears in a burst of flame. Less predictably is how heavily the creature is effected by the force of the blow, as it is knocked clear off its molten feet to lay prone, though far from defeated.

OOC:Actions Erron?


Status: http://iplay4e.appspot.com/campaigns...YWlnbhjolZ8FDA

Current Effects:
Magic Weapon on Unit (+1 to hit, +2 damage for adjacent allies attacks)
Resistive Formula on Xyrhanna (+1 AC, can end bonus as free action for +12 Temporary HP)

Enemy Status:
M1 -24 (Prone)
M2 -5 (Marked)
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Erron moves quickly after the others, allowing the heavier fighters to move forward. Assessing the battlefield makes it clear that this fight will be over quickly- but with the enemies fleeing out of the room, it could quickly grow out of proportion. Erron assesses the two magma-creatures at the same time as Unit, and decides to use his magic to suck the heat out of the magma-creature that seemed to have taken much less damage.

"It's going to get difficult to move in here!" Erron shouts as his magic brings rising winds and winter storms into the tiny underground room. Frost forms on the ground, icicles begin to grow on the ceiling, and for creatures from the elemental plane of fire, it should be very uncomfortable.


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