Whistle Fight!

Whistle Fight! - Round 3

John growls in delight as the darkmantles swarm him "COME ON I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!" The revenant shouts as a shower of electricity flows from his body. Though he hits them both, it appears that he doesn't hurt any of them. "Well that didn't work out like I wanted."

ZhuGuan doesn't see the darkmantle that he had gored earlier return and hopes it had run off to lick it's wounds or die from them. "You going to be ok Jared?" He says looking down at the halfling behind him. "Take care of this one if you can, I'm going to go help Turag before he wets his pants or something. I'll try to keep him distracted." Little did the slayer know the orc had already done just that.

The half-elf brandishes his glaive, electric sparks dance along the length of the blade, power from some unknown source. I'll take it, he thinks to himself and charges the one near Turag, careful to stay close to the one near Jared.

"Keep your eye on the target," ZhuGuan shouts at the cowering orc. "Bring your axe up through his middle line!" ZhuGuan demonstrates with a pull of his glaive up against the darkmantle before them.

Vicky retains her safe position, unleashing a mental attack on the next visible target - the one still attached to Turag. "I really appreciate you shielding me," she says to Richard, "but I'm quite fond of Jared as well. Is there anything you can do for him?"

Richard acknowledges what Vicky has said. "As you command dear lady"

Her psionic attack latches onto the the darkmantle's foreign thoughts as it continues to crackle with electricity. The creature's alien thoughts are hard to understand and maintain a grip on. It is more animal than anything else. These attacks aren't malicious, they are just trying to feed themselves. Still, they aren't likely to respond to some dried bread and fruits. They are a dangerous creature warped by the Far Realm and they need to be destroyed. Vicky's psionic power crushes the creatures ability to form a thought. It dies, still latched onto Turag - though loosely.

Styg starts out down the hall towards Turag's darkmantle but it is slain in a hail of activity, so he turns and steps towards John to attack, by chance, the same darkmantle he did last time. It is already cursed and no other darkmantle is equally distant. He swings his battleaxe that has been supercharged with Eldritch energy. Backed by the power of his warlock's curse, Styg cuts the darkmantle out of the air. He looks around, trying to see if there is anything else that he should be aware of. Perhaps the two missing darkmantles. He doesn't see anything - at least not yet.

Turag shoves the creature off of his head, gasping for air and still reeling from the attack he falls to the side, landing with a thud. As he regains some of his composure he pushes himself up against the wall, still trying to get his bearings. Immediately his eyes start to water up. "I knew this was a bad...*sob*...a bad idea!" He sits there for a moment, trying to keep himself from openly crying, just able to hold himself in check.

Richard looks in the direction of where Jared is and sees a Darkmantle blocking his path. He moves forward stopping next to Turag, Guan and the dead darkmantle. He shouts to Jared "Ser Jared, you must shake off you battle wounds and join the fight."

His words are laced with divine inspiration. They help Jared, making the weak halfling feel stronger. Richard raises his shield and charges straight into the black mass. His longsword cuts deeply into the already injured darkmantle. Like it did before, it vanishes after the weapon makes it's mark on the beast.

As he has not moved the shadows swirling around Jared begin to dissipate. He glares at Richard, his expression cold, his eyes dark, then as the last of the shadow's disappear Jared's features seem to lighten. He begins hopping from one over larged foot to the other...

"Ouch. Ouch. Stupid flying rugs." He stops and takes a deep breath. "Just a moment and I'll be fine...."

Jared looks up and he sees the darkmantle that Richard just hit reappear down near Vicky. It rushes towards Vicky, but it is apparently disoriented from Richard's attack then it's own teleport. While trying to engulf Vicky it
Natural 1
smashes itself into the wall next to her instead. It looks very weak floating in the air.

One of the two missing darkmantles finally makes its way around the corner. Jared was so busy watching the other darkmantle smash into the far wall that he almost didn't hear it come up behind him. Gian and Richard noticed it immediately. It tries to attack to Jared, but this time the halfling is able to avoid another death hug. They sure do seem to like Jared. Perhaps they are attracted by his shadowy nature.

The last remaining darkmantle is engaged in battle with John Clarke. Like it's companion it let's out a shrill shriek. It doesn't seem to bother John, but Styg nearby can feel a painful
6 Damage, Dazed until the end of the darkmantle's next turn)
ache in his ears. He becomes a bit disoriented from the attack. It seems to throw him a bit off balance.

Styg Vytautus – Shade

Styg moves back to protect Vicky quickly. He maneuvers for advantage, curses the new darkmantle and swings at it.
Main Hand: Battle Axe Off-Hand: Light Shield Worn: Lizard Bone Breastplate

Styg charges over towards Vicky and strikes down the wounded
Darkmantle 1
darkmantle, killing it.


Vicky is first surprised by the darkmantle slamming its head against the wall, and then by Styg's sudden action. "Thanks," she says to her savior.

She notices a darkmantle creeping up on Jared. Focusing her will again, she mentally lashes out at it. Unfortunately, she fails to concentrate hard enough. The darkmantle easily shrugs off the feeble attack.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Pull yourself together," ZhuGuan curses at Turag before focusing on the remaining creatures.

ZhuGuan, a blur of motion strikes at the creature near Jared. Attempting to strike at the creature from an impossible distance.

John frowns as the battle come close to ending. Seeing the darkmantle die John smiles as an aura of death surrounds him and his blade.

Turag charges up next to John and finishes off the darkmantle he is fighting. Leaving only one darkmantle left, but that one vanished from sight after Guan struck it.


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