The Safehouse (OOC)

Assume Sheriff Justice replied to Jesslyn earlier than other PCs spoke up. Sergei when Ellen did and Gus about the same time as Jack. Joe was the only one who waited for every PC to have their say. I'm trying not to overlook anyone but I can only respond to so much at a time. Juggling conversations in real-time is tough.

You want to use IMG rather than URL for your picture.

I should really get things organized but for those who like the format:



Added a link for the "Plan B" map to the previous post.


A Site = Avalon. Name change but the history related by the Sheriff is taken from real events. There really is an old copper mine on the site.

B Site = Stehekin Regional Airport. There's a runway if you look closely. Just changed the name slightly. The lake has receded but left debris across the area.

You're now a six-person team plus the geologist and the volunteer the Sheriff mentioned. Yxvoln remains a player. Just having connection problems.

Can you also add the approximate location of the refugees to the map, which is our third point of interest?

edit-(my impression was southern tip of e lake, but just to make sure)

As of two days ago the refugees were in Avalon (the A Site). Or rather they're apparently seeking shelter in the woods immediately around the town. I will modify the map to specify their last known location.

EDIT: USAF Sighting = the survivors' location as determined by the "specially-equipped drone" two days before the meeting.

Awesome sauce


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