2: The God of Vengeance

2: The God of Vengeance


You slowly awake to the sensation of withered grass crunched beneath you. The air is rank, heavy and thick, like you're inside an unwashed gym shower after its latest use. A yellow-green fog swirls around you, so opaque you can't see farther than a foot before you. All is quiet, save for an eerie, blowing wind.

Should you look up, you can somewhat see the trunk of the massive tree, reaching high into the clouds. The very top is just barely visible.

What do you do?


When you wake up, you are surrounded by black, thick as pitch. The only thing visible is a square of light a way out and it feels as if you're laying on a bed of straw.

What do you do?

Arcangelo Molinelli

Arcangelo had sensed something was happening. Why else would a respectable businessman have came out here in the middle of the night? Yet surely just as he arrived and exited his vehicle something plunged from the heavens and threw his world into disarray. He awoke to this bizarre fog and a sudden tree looming high up in the distance. He wasn't certain what was going on but the pretense of being normal was gone. He began to prepare all the spells he had prepared offhand, he caressed the ornate head piece of his black metal cane. He didn't cry out not sure what was going on but wanting to get his Mystic Shield up and cast his Gaze about before he did anything else.

Dice Roll: 8d10s8e10z
d10 Results: 6, 4, 2, 8, 6, 4, 6, 1 (Total Successes = 1)
Fortune 1 - Destiny (1)
With success on the casting roll, the witch gains a Destiny
pool equal to successes gained for the chapter.

I would like to know the Resolve if any so he can use Gaze of the Wise to sense the magical effects or traces of spells around this strange and sudden, potentially mystical, tree.
Gaze of the Wise

Brother Michael Fisher

Michael slowly climbs to his feet, reaching for the LED Light he kept on his belt he would try to turn it on so he could see where he was. "Hello? Is anyone there?" He croaked out and coughed to clear his throat. It felt raw and rough, how long had he been out? He was uncertain but it felt like a long time or had it been only minutes. He hoped everyone else at the scene was alright, things had truly taken a turn for the bizarre.

Matt slowly came to his senses and took stock of the situation. He slowly sat up and let out a groan of pain. He saw the small square of light, but before he could move towards it another light lit up nearby and he heard a voice. "Yeah. I'm here. Are you okay?"

Ben groans as he comes to. Laying for a few minutes without moving, he checks his pocket for his phone.

Oh yeah... crap.

The memory of his cell falling into the open ground slightly before he did slowly comes back to him through the pain and disorientation.

I remember the days I would have had three phones. Why the hell did I ever give that up?

Ben lets out a sigh as he gingerly sits up. Realizing he is laying on straw, his mind immediately jumps to the sight of the barn descending. Noting voices and lights, he speaks up. "If I say 'no' can I not be here then? And does anyone else think we are in the barn?"

When Alona woke up she didn't move, she lay there a good wile. Finally rolling over and getting up, moving slowly and carefully to the light she could see. "Hmm.. I wonder if.. Am.. Did I die." She kept walking, after all if she was dead, there was nothing she could do about it now. And she was curious as to what was out there regardless of what had happened.


The wind outside begins to blow, bringing some semblance of noise to the stillness. Now that you are awake and, presumably, alive, you begin to realize a heavy stink is hanging in the air. Those with
Unseen Sense
a strong sixth sense get a series of chills down their spine, like cold water is dripping down their back. You cannot identify the reek just yet, though it smells like a mix of old food and decaying...something.


The fog begins to clear, revealling a sickly and twisted version of the landscape you know. Through what you can see, for about ten feet out, all the grass has withered and died; trees are barren, lifeless skeletons. Anything that looks like a building is now rotten and collapsing, and there are random patches of bubbling, fetid muck. There is a sharp, sulphurous scent to the air, and the only vegetation are clumps of silvery-green up the tree. All the roads are cracked and broken, overrun with dying weeds as if a great time has passed.

There is no other sign of life.

Alona keeps pressing forward not content to stay in the cave that she is in, despite the shivers down her spine.

Martin Gomez

is woken up by voices and the aching muscles in his legs. He sits up disoriented, and it takes him a few seconds to remember what happened. Then he wastes a few more on taking in the scenery.

"I'm here. I'm probably okay. Does anybody have any light?"

Right after making himself heard, Martin tries to crawl away slowly and quietly, rotating around the light.

Don't know who else ... what else ... is down here. Better be careful.

Then he suddenly remembers something - his goggles! Did he have them on him when he arrived at the barn. He doesn't remember, so he starts searching his pockets for them. For anything useful.

And what is that smell?

Arcangelo Molinelli

Arcangelo can sense the wrongness of his environment, its like the life out of everything was taken from it. How had he survived? In a sudden fearful rush he touched his cheeks worried he might be a graying old man now but relaxed as he felt smooth young skin. He was untouched, surely a sign of his destiny as a great warlock of this modern age. His curiosity and sense of superiority drove him closer to the tree to examine it. However he watched his step, he might be alright but the environment was quite foul as it assailed his senses. If anyone else was above ground he didn't notice them as he proceeded closer to the tree.

Brother Michael Fisher

Michael calls out to the few voices he hears, "If you can hear my voice come to me, my name is Michael. What's yours?" He calls out to Matt, as he shines his LED Light towards the sound of his voice to try and orient himself to their location. As Ben sits up he hears his voice as well and looks around to see if he can find any others that had survived.

He spotted Alona as his flashlight settled on her, "Miss you shouldn't wander off alone." Michael shivered as though he had been plunged beneath cold water. Something was wrong again, he didn't know what or why but he could sense it. He tried to ignore the foul smell but his nose still scrunched up slightly as the stench persistently assailed his nostrils. "Anybody else have a flashlight?"

Matt made his way towards Michael and his light. Name's Matt. I'm glad I'm not the only person alive here, wherever here is. All I can tell is that we've managed to find stink and dark, and maybe a little hay. Matt checked his pockets for a light and cursed that he had left it with the rest of his luggage. "And I managed to leave my flashlight with my luggage. I didn't think I'd need it just outside the house.


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