2: The God of Vengeance

Alone shot Micheal a look back, well at least this was a good indication that she might not be dead. She was pretty sure this guy wouldn't have a flash light if she was. she gave the light at the end of this tunnel another look before heading over to the man with the flash light still not saying anything yet.

Oleg finally stands when the fog starts to clear. He looks around himself and takes in this blasted hellscape. When he notices the smell, his gorge begins to rise. He covers his mouth and nose with his mud-encrusted shirt. It helps a little, maybe. He spots the remains of the bed and breakfast and finally begins to walk towards it. Along the way, he shouts with what force he can muster:

"Hello? Anyone out there? Anyone?"

Martin Gomez

keeps moving around, trying not to get to close to the light or any of the new ones being lit.

"Sorry, no flashlight. Not even a lighter."

He's still not sure that it's wise to draw attention to himself. But with all the civilians doing the same, he feels that giving whatever is down here more targets is the only way to go. If there is something down here.

I hope I don't bump into it by accident.

There was something in the barn, that much he knows. But where did it go?

"Does anyone know what exactly happened?"

The routine helps him stay calm.

Ask what they think they saw. Make them believe it was something mundane. And that everything is alright. ... Yeah, sure.

Arcangelo Molinelli

Arcangelo was visible to Oleg but if he heard the man he gave no indication as he progressed closer towards the large tree looming in the distance.

Brother Michael Fisher

Michael gives Matt a smile he may or may not be able to see, "Good to meet you Matt. I remember falling and then everything went black. I'm not sure where we are but hopefully together we can find out. Safety in numbers."

He gives Alona and Martin that same honest smile as they approach and speak up, "Hello, that's all I know about what happened. Maybe once we get together we can move towards that light far away and see what is creating it?" He wasn't too worried about secrecy at this point, it had been blown out the window as of several hours ago it felt like. Though he wasn't trying to draw attention to it either.

Alona kept looking at the light, listening to what was being said without answering, She still wasn't entirely sure that could trust these men, or that they where even really there, they might be any number of answers as to who or what they where, Spirits where tricky on a good day, and dangerous on a bad day.

"Well standing here will do little for us, we must gather and get moving, we don't know how stable this place is... If it's real at all."


As you get closer to the tree, you feel a sensation, best described as pinpricks of icy-hot, along your back and shoulders. A warm gust of wind blows, almost like the breath of a great creature. The sensation picks up as it does.


You too feel the sensation, but to a lesser degree. It's then that you feel something...off, just for a second, but then it's gone again. The feeling is akin to losing your balance, a split-second lurch that is there for a blink.


When you finally pass through the square of light, you are greeted by a blasted wasteland. Grassless dirt stretches onward, as far as the eye can see; rocks and rubble are strewn along. There is a faint, impish squeal on the wind, far in the distance and with a hint of chittering bats. A tempest brews above, lightning flashing through dark and sulphurous clouds, the wind stinking of brimstone and mold and rot. Far in the distance, you see the same great tree that rises aboveground, but this version of it lacks the patches of vegetation. In fact, it looks burnt and partially rotten.

Alona gave a nod. "Indeed, There is no indication to me so far that we survived our incident. Or that we are in fact still in the world we knew." To anyone not accustomed to her way of thinking she might very well sound traumatized or in shock. But she was the one that started walking towards the tree right away, with or without the others who had come out of the cave.

Matt paused to take in the desolate landscape. This doesn't look like anywhere I've ever seen, but since I don't see anywhere else, perhaps we should make for that tree? By the way, on the off chance that there's trouble, are any of the rest of you armed?

Ben shakes his head. "I'm not certain the tree is a good idea. Then again, nowhere else seems to be a good idea either." Looking around at the hellish landscape with a sigh, he realizes he never let go of his revolver. Holstering it discreetly, he adds, "I have a piece with me."

Alona kept walking, it was slow enough that no one would have trouble keeping up with her glancing back at the rest of them. "I'm not sure weapons will do any good hear... But I have a knife."


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