CWT1 James "Morpheus" Mundy (Former PC)

CWT1 Moeris James Mundy
Cyberwarfare/ELSEC Specialist, Meleager

A short, wiry man with flaming red hair, gray eyes, and the appearance of someone in their early 20s, James does not look like he could possibly be a veteran of the First Cylon War. His 5’4”, 137-pound frame fit the mental image people get when his talents and background are explained to them. People are not surprised to learn that he can barely lift the larger electronic systems he works with, nor that he is usually knocked out by the first punch to connect. His alert bearing and graceful movements, along with the obvious air of intelligent consideration about him, demonstrate his lifelong residence aboard space stations and interplanetary vessels.

Agi d8
Str d4
Vit d4
Ale d8
Int d12
Wil d6

LP 10
Init d8 + d8
End d4 + d6
Res d4 + d4

Photographic Memory d2
Cool Under Fire d6
Uncommon Knowledge d6
Shadow d6
Talented d4

Duty d10
Wiseass d4
Straight-Laced d4
Sadist d4
Slow-Mover d2

Athletics d2
Discipline d6
>Concentration d10
Guns d6
>Pistols d10
Knowledge d6
>History d8
Mechanical Engineering d4
Perception d6
>Investigation d10
Pilot d6
Technical Engineering d6
>Hacking d12+d4
>Electronics d12