Act One: Fragile Peace

"Well, here we are, then." Lucia smiled proudly as she lifted the pan off the stove, moving on to bring the plates to the table. Soon enough, five portions of rice are laid before each chair, glazed by the fragrant curry - she poured them carefully on each one of them before taking a step back to take a look at her creation. She was quite sure that it turned out well, but she still stole a glance at Tobias and Elizabeth to see their reaction.

"...Our lunch." She said. "You might want to call the others as well, while you're at it. If you're sure you don''t want to have your meal first."

With Elizabeth headed off to gather the water, Tobias only just realised he had been left alone with the Priestess. He shifted to one side as she laid out the meals, and even though his stomach growled, his mind had been elsewhere the entire time.

Only when Lucia spoke, did the lad rouse, and rouse slowly he did.

"They'll come soon..." Tobias muttered quietly; he felt little need to speak up, and his mind was still returning from far off times.

With that, he took a spoon, and raised a very large portion to his mouth. Without a word of warning or indication, he stuffed it in, and chewed in blank-faced silence. Blank-faced he remained for the entire moment of his chewing, sitting in glazed-eyed nothingness as he ate his first bite. He swallowed, and sat there, no hint of distaste or approval.

"But their loss if they don't..." Perhaps the kindest thing he had said all day. Again he raised another spoonful to his mouth, and began to eat in earnest and in silence.

"I suppose there's no real reason to rush, is there? I'll go and call them, then. I'll be back in a moment." With that, she quickly walks across the room, exiting it and closing the door behind her. The worst of the day - and her arrival, at that - was over and dealt with, if nothing else. It would not, of course, be easy; reaching any sort of understanding had been quite the rocky path so far, after all. Still, progress was progress.

Peace, no matter how temporary, incomplete or shaky, was a precious luxury in this day and age. This time, it would last for a full two weeks.


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