Name: Zadurai
Nickname: Zad
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affinity: Doton
Age: 9
Class: Smart Hero 6
Bloodline: Medusa's Eye (Dojutsu)

Let us see how this goes!

Dice Roll: 1d4+7
d4 Results: 2 (Total = 9)

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 92

Edits: Genius Ninja Age Reduction
Dice Roll: 1d4+1
d4 Results: 2 (Total = 3)

Work in progress... to be cleaned up once I have things finalized.

Going to be a bit jumbled until I finish and arrange it all.

Shinobi Card
Name: Angi Matarashi cousin of Arashi Hatake <<<<<<<<<SHEET
Nick-Name: None yet
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Ninja Rank: Genin
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 73 lbs
Class: Smart 3 / Shinobi Adept 2
Occupation:Matarashi Clan Head Family Guardian of Ryuuchi Cave Pact (Forced in to the Academy)
Element Affinity: Fire
Combat Style:Ninjutsu Combatant and Moujuu Aishou Specialist

PersonalityAnji is highly intellegent, but is not overly book educated, nor very sophisticated due to his wild upbringing. Something the Academy has attempted to rectify.He is very much a doer that enjoys solving problems in simple direct ways, without tortuous planning or conversation. He trusts his intuition , and sees things others often miss, something he does not understand as he and Akuma see them. He's not as much of a loner as people think,but due to various unchecked instincts it takes time for him to warm up to you.Once he and Akuma have descided you are worthy you have found an unshakeable ally. Not the best in social gatherings due to various instictual short falls, he is often considered sarcastic or abrasive, but lacks the understanding to know why. He simple states what he feels is a social norm for him. Overall he's a good, down to earth kid with a highly instinctual streak.

HistoryThe line of Matarashi can be trace it's beginnings back to the rogue ninja Orochimaru. Even before his untimely death , and seemingly resurrection Orochimaru had a plan for his immortality. If he could not live on himself he would see it done through his experiments. One of his cursed chosen came upon his very place of testing after his death. The various mutation and horrid Jitsu discovered were enough to send the very Ninja Nations to war once more. So a pack was made....

To this very day the descendants Anko hold true to their chosen bonds. It is said that each cousin of each branch section of the families of the Matarashi family were sealed away for many years in this very place of experiment. As they dug through and researched each section of Orochimaru's techniques they soon realized that it was not safe for one Ninja to hold such knowledge. Each member of the Branch family was given a sealing scroll of one section of forbidden techniques relating to certain specialties, and each family would be charged with it's protection and understanding until a day could come when it would no longer be feared by the other nations.

Anko was charged with the safe keeping and protection of Ryuuchi Cave Pact. None knew that such a place existed or what the diziens believed, and it's very existence would cause turmoil among the masses near Koahono for the Snakes cared little whether they were good or evil. To them it was a simple matter of the Pact. A pact that on that day Anko vowed to make with each of her childrens children until the line of succession could be handed off...........

….................................Many years later.....

The attack came without warning. How they had manage to sneak past all the defenses was unknown. Most had been flawless variations of many of Orochimaru's own defenses. How this intruder had managed to bypass it all showed an unparallelled knowledge about Orochimaru. The fighting raged through the very corridors of the manor. This one ninja had very nearly killed his way to the hold where the eldest of Anko descendants sat with her child. A child of only seven. He was to be the next in line to bear the burden of the Pact.

As the final guards outside of the room died in her defense Anako did the only thing she could for her son. She called upon the pact and summon the Snakes champion. Running her very chakra through her son she ask him to show mommy the animal symbols. Smiling as her son performed the seals flawlessly. With his final seal she slashed his hand, and bound the pact to him. With a hiss the Snakes Champion enveloped the child and crashed through the building in to the Forest of Death. The final view of a child to mother was her sacrifice to see him safe.

The first to enter the forest was Anji's father with others of his clan , and those of the Hatake family. Days became weeks as no signs of Angi's were a bouts could be found. Fearing the worst as both his son and the Pact had vanished Anji's father petitioned the Hokage to allow him to track the attacker.

With each passing year neither the The Pact nor the boy had been found. It was a day of mourning for both the Hatake, and the Matarashi families as they had been linked for many generations in marriage.

The following summer the unbelievable became reality as the Chuunin examines neared their end. As the victors exited the Forest of Death and an unfamiliar sight befell the all. A young boy seeming near serpent in his movement and gaze exited the forest in nothing but his skin. As Jounin advanced to meet this boy a snake appeared from the same bush and coiled near the child's foot hissing in a defensive posture. As the approach continued the child himself coiled, hissed and began weaving signs as if to attack.

Basic InfoName: Mibu Kaita
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Fireborn Human
Height: 5'7
Weight: 117
Class: Charismatic 5

Occupation: Mentored
Element Affinity: Fire

Name: Denzel De Gozaru (May be NPC'd)
Rank: Genin
Age: 12
Race: Human (no bloodline)
Class: Smart 3/Shinobi Scout 3

Here's a sheet. It is obviously not finished.

But you get the honour of seeing it as it is made. My character is Maso no Fun, an older character due to private tutoring; one of the last in a line of ninja specialised in seals and the containment of the jinchuriki. She acts like a slacker most days and will wield a whip as soon as I find this games' rules for whips, if any (seriously, at least one technique referenced 'functions as a whip' but I couldn't find it in the equipment chapter. Maybe I'm just blind/dumb). She'll have been enrolled into the Academy alongside the other characters despite her clearly superior age as a way of getting close to the jinchuriki she is supposed to guard. Of course, if there are no jinchuuriki on the party, she'll act rather lazy and just wait for one to pop up; she's not THE last of the Funjin clan after all.

Haven't quite decided on her build yet. I usually like to have some healing moves just to make myself more significant to the party, but if we already have a medical specialist I guess I'll go with... I don't even know. I was going to take Sharingan, but I rolled earth affinity sadly, which means I won't qualify for the intermediate bloodline for another, like, 5 levels.

edit: Also where do you people keep finding these nice, snazzy pictures? In the interest of not being muscled out by good aesthetics, here's MY picture!

Maso Funjin, trained funinjutsu expert and Jinchuuriki Trainer

I'll make it snazzier when my character is finalised. Though I would liek to know how some of you guys manage that cool formatting in your posts...

Sorry I'm late to the party, Hi Dragon, Hisage, Madhatter, Mtimefuntime, and Ultima.
Dice Roll: 1d100z
d100 Results: 1
Chakra Nature (1)

STILL Working on this character... Fair warning this is only my second Naruto Character I have ever made so I may have made some mistakes somewhere.

Unfortunately finding a picture of a Hyūga Male is difficult, so I just grabbed a pic of Neji’s Eyes. Hope that isn’t a problem :P

Ninja's bio
Name:Hyūga Eiji
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Byakugan As is typical of a member of the Hyūga who has awakened the Byakugan, Eiji has shock white eyes under normal circumstances. In addition when he activates the Byakugan, his Visual Nerves become visible to the extent shown in the picture to the left.
Height: 4’8”
Weight: 92 lbs
Class: Strong Hero 3 / White Knight 1 / Taijutsu Master 1 / Byakugan 1
Occupation: Hyūga Clan Member
Element Affinity: Fuuton (Wind Release)

Eiji is a strong willed individual. He was raised to be one of the bodyguards of the Heir to the Hyūga Family. He was raised on stories of his Great-Great Grandfather’s adventures with the Jinchuuriky of the Nine-tailed Demon Fox. As such he is a great deal less afraid of the Jinchuurikies that roam the world in this day and age than most people would be, realizing that they are either victims of circumstance or simply just people who have been given the opportunity to rise to great power deopending on their circumstances. Like many Hyūga with the Byakugan, Eiji is slower to act in the face of violence, preferring to analyze the situation first and then decide on the best course of action. However once he does begin fighting he can be quite the force to be reckoned with in battle.

Having been raised for the sole purpose of protecting the Heir to the Hyūga family, as well as going on missions as dictated by both that Heir and the Hokage, he has been trained to be both fierce in battle and gentle outside of battle. He has been gifted with the trademark power of the Hyūga Family, the Byakugan. As such he can see the field of battle in a way that many people can’t.

His Great-Great Grandfather was none other than Hyūga Neji. As such he was raised on the stories of Neji’s adventures with Uzumaki Naruto. This has allowed Eiji to have a unique insight into the mindset of Jinchuriky and their Demon’s. Unlike many people he has not grown in fear of these individuals, seeing them as mere victims of circumstances in many cases, or alternatively as the rare few that destiny has chosen for a greater Fate than he himself is destined for.

Eiji has also been trained in the finer points of the family profession of the Hyūga Clan. Which has allowed him the ability to gain at least a small amount of money of his own.

Eiji wears the clothes that are typical for a Hyūga. Standard issue Leaf village military clothing is what he usually wears. When not in the field he will also wear more casual clothing, usually a kimono that is typical of his family. His clothing is usually earth tones so as to blend more easily into his surroundings.


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