OOC Thread

Trying to make up my indecisive mind about how best to proceed. I do promise to have a post (and new thread) up by tomorrow if not tonight though.

YOU, BABAYY!!!!!!!!!

*begins doing a brilliant, and by brilliant, a terrible cover of Justin Bieber*

~Jiiiiiii . . . -.-

Alright, new thread is up. I decided to leave it open to RP for everyone, so feel free. That includes you Ultima.

Seriously, Stone's a runt! he's well below the 5th percentile for 10 year old boys (per the charts Kelly posted, seemed legit). . . like, wow. He's certainly allowed to be, but do be prepared for a never ending stream of short jokes.

Also, I love that we have Rock and now Stone.

Nooooo! I can't let agree with Arashi on something!!!!!

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