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Soo...I'm a little confused. Just to make sure: Are we splitting into groups of 2 to follow each of the trails?...With 1 Dog for each Trail?...Or are the two Squads splitting up after the two with Chakra Signatures?...(As a note, Arashi's Tracking is Vision based, so if any are covering their scent trail, then he's best used there.)

I was under the impression that there were to be four groups,
one with Zangetsu towards Amakagure,
one with Hei towards Iwa
one with Jin towards Yu no Kuni
and Asami on her own, in the direction we were already traveling.

The genin split among the first 3? I don't think groups were given.

K, so been watching Gundam SEED (& Destiny) and I must say I've been a little disappointed with Destiny. Kira is a little whiny/wishy-washy about fighting, but he has
Intervention/Prevention of combat, not unlike Celestial Being
clear goals and does what he has to to accomplish them. He does his very best to disable enemies instead of killing them (in spite of what other characters would say) and is freaking awesome. He even eventually convinces Athrun to join the neutral side (end GS)

Then comes Destiny (and Shinn Asuka) Suddenly, Athrun is all mad at Kira and their (continued) policy of destroying/disabling the weapons of both sides and preventing either side from wiping out the other (in any given battle) is now making things worse. . . ? Shinn, now apparently the main character, is a total ass. He's a child. Sure, Kira's "I don't want to fight anymore." can get a little
Though it should be noted that his distaste for fighting doesn't prevent him from doing so when he feels that he must fight in order to protect people. He might whine, but he doesn't back down so this only counts as half a fault.
annoying but he's such a better protagonist than Shinn. Cagalli isn't able to stop Orb from joining the Alliance? All her fault and has nothing to do with the fact that she's not an absolute Monarch, obviously, and Shinn berates her about it. Shinn doesn't like a command decision, he ignores it and then berates the commander for making the decision. Athrun fails to defeat what is considered to be the most powerful/skilled mobile suit in combat, he's incompetent and Shinn will let him know that at every opportunity. Shinn stubs his toe on a desk, he goes on a rampage and kills all the desk-makers within a hundred mile radius. . .and feels justified about it.

Damn, I know it's Kira's thing to make sure he doesn't kill his opponents, but seriously. If he would have just made an exception for Shinn their fight would have been over in seconds and the rest of the season would be much better.

I do not like Shin Asuka, and cannot wait until I get to see Kira/Athrun put him in his place. Y'all's thoughts?

Never watched any of the Gundams personally - giant mecha anime just doesn't appeal all that much to me The only two exceptions I've found are Eureka Seven and Gurren Lagann.

Were splitting into groups of two after all we have 8 people two four man cells. So I kinda figured given the obvious intent of us splitting up it was a pre conceived plan the whole two people per trail thing.

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