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That's odd... when I tried getting to it from a link in a GitP thread it said the post was non-existant....

Just remember, don't hesitate to apply as a Jinchuuriki, the competition will be stiff whether you are one or not.

@ Dragon
No idea. Also, If i read it right, the Jinchuuriki doesn't start gaining ECL until it spends JGP to gain the gifts. Right? And if that's the case, I actually don't have to modify anything because my character doesn't actually know it's there. The Hokage and plenty other people most likely know about it, but my character wont until contact is made.

I am currently debating between the Two-tailed Nibi or the Three-tailed Sanbi.

That is correct, and at this point I haven't heard anyone claim the Nibi, though I do have someone who might post an app that uses the Sanbi.

Oh well. I guess Nibi it is. Besides, it would be fun to have a Tailed-Beast who's element is the complete opposite of mine Not to mention slightly easier to fight when it comes to take control.

I can just imagine the Nibi completely flipping out everyone time you use a suiton technique. 'Gah! Water! Get it away!'

Especially since several of the E&D rank Suiton techniques uses the ninja's spit.

Fortunately, I've got more of a spread out selection of jutsu.

A Suiton style here, a few Chakra control jutsu there, a Heram no Jutsu here, a few medical ninjutsu and a few regular ninjutsu and a training jutsu floating around as well.

A total of 11 jutsu all told. And ONLY 3 of them are C-rank. I could totally have justified getting more than just 3, seeing as you can take 10 and 20 when learning jutsu.

All righty! Now's the time to ask the age-old question...Who's doing what Hijutsu?...Is anyone taking any of the "Famous Families" of Konoha? Any Aburame?...Akimichi?...Hyuuga?...Heck, since Sasuke survived even Uchiha is available...Inuzuka?...etc. I ask only because I myself intend to take one no one else is. (Though if I see a character I like...might ask about being a brother/sister duo or something.)


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