OOC Thread

Most of it is just reguarding the time inbetween the 4th Shinobi War and now and me as a player wanting to help take a load off by giving ideas.

Most of it was fine. The thing about Naruto's death being the beginning of the dissolution was actually one of my starting ideas. In the end I decided that it wouldn't be visible enough from a historical standpoint to be mentioned in a timeline so I left it out.

Arkaym, I am going to move your post into questions and concerns since it's a question. I'll answer it there as well.

Just as a heads up it might take me a bit of time to make my character... the book I got hardly has book marks, and I'm having to bookmark things relevant to character ideas that I'm thinking about

My first Naruto d20 sheet is coming along decently, I hope. I'm going for a Fast Hero, hoping that he'll be balanced between ranged and melee combat along with handy sneaking skills.

dang with the profiles showing walls of text for bio I am feeling rather inadequate 3:. I mean I can make a good profile but not all that 3:

That's alright, I have to rewrite half my stuff because I made mine at midnight and wasn't entirely awake.

*Yes, I know, a double post*

I have completely revamped my entire background! Maybe now it will be better now that I am awake.

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