OOC Thread

I'll put up descriptions of the other genin sometime tonight. Feel free to reference them in your backgrounds.

Being as Yuki is the other Hidden Leaf orphan I have declared my Strong Hero-6 to be is friend and protector. I will use my strength to help him from other people. LOL

I am going to work on some background edits after Isee who gets accepted or not. I would like to include some info about how we all get along and know each other in the academy.

Hmm, seeing as the highest Charisma so far is a 12 I might actually go with a Charismatic Hero. A ninja from a line of merchants who are popular thanks too an extremely infectious smile and generous charm.

I think I finished my character sheet. Not sure if my chakra is right though. Mind double checking it for me please Dragon?

Alright, first off you have way too many C-rank techniques. I was thinking more along the lines of D/E Rank and 1 or 2 C-rank. More than that you'd need a good reason, like playing genjutsu and not having enough D/E rank techniques. Your base chakra should be 38, with the 18 constitution, 32 with 16 or 17 constitution.

Yes, there's a technique list after the technique section. It has each jutsu's name under the level and type of technique it is.

One thing you might want to do is make use of the search function (ctrl F) which allows you to search for techniques in the massive document. Its not always perfect (there are typos), but you can do it pretty quickly... One thing you might want to think about is what you want your character to do and how do you get there?

Want to be a character who throws about a lot of powerful elemental techniques? You might want to consider adding the 2 training techniques (Shuugyou: Kyoudo/Ninkido - shodan). Second, you might want to consider speed rank 1 as you do not survive long if you can not rapidly advanced in the opposite direction you do not survive long. Also, you might want to consider other training techniques like Act of tree climbing/Method of water walking... They help you tap your reserves (more chakra more reliably).

Want to be a character who is a scout or a melee character? Speed ranks are a great way to get in and out, also it helps you hit more accurately. Strength ranks help you carry more toys and also help you hit harder.

Just as important is RP considerations...were you trained privately? Or did you go to the Academy? Because Kawarimi no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu and Bunshin no Jutsu are "Basic" Jutsu every Academy student should know.

As I am new to does one determine rank allowed for techniques? And you can use techniques which don't fall in your Chakra Element correct? Provided you meet learning requirements?

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