Questions and Concerns

Question... does the bloodline templates work like the racial templates. Like I need at least 3 ranks in Byakkugan by level 6 in order to gain all the skills that come with Being of the Bloodline without having to worry about putting in more ranks?

Well, if you take 3 levels in Byakugan then no, you wouldn't have to take anymore. But you'd also have a CL of 3 when everyone else probably has 5 or 6, which I can tell you from experience, isn't very fun.

okay another question. The nonhuman heroes look like the same as the basic classes. Are the basic classes prone to the rules of the nonhuman hero?

The only difference, classes-wise, between human and non-human shinobi is that humans get an extra skill. If you play as a non-human shinobi you get one less skill than is listed for each class. I think that answers your question, but I might have misunderstood.

Riggeem - Suiton
Mtime - Katon
Steam - Katon
Me - ACN(Raiton so far.)
Ultima - Doton
Arkayn - Raiton
Dark - Doton

Means we have all but Fuuton represented so far.

Are there any rules onto which Hijutsu we can have?...Example: If we wanted to mix two of them, would that be permitted? Or can we have only one "Type" of Hijutsu?

I'll deal with Hijutsu on a case-by-case basis. And you'll probably have to come up with a good reason in your background for having it.

Questions and Concerns

Are there any feats or advanced classes explicitly banned for now?

Is that feat that gives you an animal companion okay? It goes with one of the concepts I'm thinking of.


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