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All classes only grant Simple Weapons Proficiency if I remember right, but the rest are available as bonus feats for that class

Depends on the class. They all offer Nin Weapons as a bonus feat, but only strong hero offers Archaic Weapons.

So, made your mind up on who's getting in? There was a lot I was going to add to my character if I got in and once i knew who was on the team. I'm too feat starved just to learn basic fuinjutsu to qualify for medical specialist, but I was going to at least take some treat injury ranks if no one else was a healer, for instance. And more importantly, me and DoubleL here have been doing some RPing on the side with our characters. Some non-canon stuff to get into the feel of our characters, you know? We went for romance pretty much instantly, so there you have it

What was that about Yoshio being the dirty-minded one again? For shame, Yui Plus I don't think it can count as slash fiction if one of the participants is female, so there *folds arms*

You know, to be honest I'm really tempted to make two teams and NPC a jonin for one, but I'm not sure I'll have time for that. Or rather, I could make time but it would be a slower game due to making time for college and my RL game. So, out of curiosity, would you all mind having a slower game if it meant more people could get in? I know it can be frustrating to wait on people and this would probably exacerbate the issue so it could end badly depending on the players.

Your own gender would be kind of a weird thing to not know, or do you mean someone like Konoe Subaru, where the girl is attracted to a girl who she thinks is a guy?


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