Basic Timeline of events since the end of the 4th Great Shinobi War.


0 AWE (After War's End): Naruto defeats Sasuke and returns him to the village for trial where, after Naruto convinces the council not to execute him, the council agrees to let him live with his eyes sealed shut.

5 AWE: Naruto becomes Rokudaime and marries Hinata Hyuuga.

8 AWE: Sakura marries Sasuke after being his caretaker for 8 years.

10 AWE: The Iron Treaty is signed, with the hopes of creating lasting peace among the five nations, and creates the Shinobi Union, composed of the 5 Great Hidden Villages and led by Naruto as the Kage.

49 AWE: Naruto passes the position of Hokage to Konohamaru and retires from active duty.

84 AWE: Approaching the end of his life, Naruto seals the Kyuubi into his great great grand-daughter.

89 AWE: Naruto passes away.

99 AWE: A group taking up the title of Akatsuki attempts to gather the Jinchuuriki again only to be annihilated by Usagi, the current jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. Unfortunately, several Shinobi Union leaders are killed in the fighting, including the current Kage, leaving the Union with no central leadership.

100 AWE: The Juubi Corps is formed as a peacekeeping force and to prevent further attempts to gather the bijuu. It is an elite fighting force composed of any jinchuuriki above Chuunin rank willing to join it, regardless of origin.

120 AWE: Around this time the relationships between the five nations starts to become strained as no ninja has been found to become the Kage. Several minor nations secede from the Shinobi Union and once again become independent.

165 AWE: The year that the Shinobi Union officially dissolved, with the 5 Great Shinobi Villages returning to old treaties and alliances.

184 AWE: Members of the mysterious 'Kagetsuki Clan' approach each of the 6 Great Ninja Villages and offers to join them. Most agree to a trial period, especially once their ability to absorb chakra is demonstrated, though Suna politely declines their offer.

200 AWE: It is now the bicentennial since the 4th Great Shinobi and this year's chuunin exams are anticipated to be the largest in decades, as the bicentennial celebration will be held in Konoha simultaneously. However, on the political stage they will be the more tense than in past decades due to the cementing of various alliances. Currently, Konoha is allied with Suna; Kumo is allied with Kiri; Iwa has no official allies but has been oddly confident despite this. In addition, there is now a branch of the Kagetsuki Clan in every major village except Suna and they have proven their loyalty to their respective villages, though they commonly refuse to fight members of other branches if they are encountered on a mission.