x102: Cowboy in a Plain Brown Wrapper

"Pardon me, sir," D-PFA interjects with perfectly reasonable tones, "but my last estimate of our food stores indicates that all organic crew members will run out of quality supplies simultaneously." She pauses and cocks her head. "Unless you wish me to update my distribution protocols...?"

Captain Delerno looks for Ralat, muttering, "Someone needs to wipe that droid."

"I wish you'd wipe after using the 'fresher," Carandil said snidely, getting up and heading down the hall towards the hangar bay,
Take 10 for 20 on Galactic Lore to see what I know of Fyrth, 'specially the weapon restrictions. Take 10 on another check for Pantorans.
deep in thought

Check Results
Galactic Lore on Fyrth- mostly miners and "fringe" colonists. Hard working type of people. Rednecks and blue collar workers. You're more likely to find a superstore dedicated to blowing up rocks than fashions.
Weapon restrictions are generous, but Heavy Weapons get a visit from the local law enforcement. Heavy weapons are defined as "anything that looks big."

Pantorans- whatever you can find via Wookieepedia.

Zelina looks around the room, but no one seems to be taking charge, so she speaks up with a few suggestions.

"So guys. The first order of business is to find this Vid Scizs. Do we have a holo of him or something? What about his ship?"

She continues to offer a plan. "Maybe we should split up? A few of us can check out the planet while the rest stay ready to make sure he doesn't escape in a ship."

"Do we have a shuttle or something innocuous so we can land on the planet without raising any suspicion? Or perhaps we'll start our approach at one of the other planets before moving to Fyrth V?"

GM's helpful input: Jack mentioned the ship has no hyperdrive, so he's not going too far in his Y-wing Cargo.

Holo of him: nope, not yet. Maybe you can find one.

Ship: you know it's a Y-wing Cargo conversion. And it's Red. You didn't know it was Red until right now, but it is.

Lupus nodded to Zelina's words. "A holo of him and his ship will definitely be useful. A copy of his course schedule would also help a lot."

D-PFA leans forward. "Zelina, while the Longprobe is not totally inconspicuous per se, it would be unlikely to arouse suspicion in this system, as it is constructed from both a civilian craft and a common source of parts for local cargo ships. It can also fit anyone who chooses to go to the planet. I suggest that we make use of it here."

Vasten raises a index finger, his pose resolute. "There's one only place we're sure to find answers," he declares, before jerking the finger forwards towards the hangar. "To the cantina! Who's buying?"

Zelina is about to roll her eyes at Vasten's comment but she has to concede that whatever the reasons behind his suggestion, his idea had merit. "The cantina is definitely worth checking out. But first we need to get on planet without causing too much of a disturbance."

she pauses for a moment, in thought. "What kind of cover story should we adopt to appear less threatening? Drifters looking for work?" She doesn't sound entirely enthusiastic about the idea. "Even with that excuse, I'm guessing they'll still be pretty wary of outsiders, though."

Suddenly her expression brightens. "No, I've got a better idea. We can pose as buyers looking to purchase some of the local output. It can feed their desire for profit and also give us an excuse for not fitting in."

She turns face D-FPA and nods. "Fei, using the Longprobe is definitely a good idea for this plan. Not only is it less conspicious, as you mentioned, it's our only ship with enough cargo capacity to match our story. The Longprobe, and perhaps a few escorts? It certainly wouldn't make the trip alone."

She rubs her chin in thought. "Well, with the condition of our ships, we certainly can't represent a rich or upstanding customer. Maybe we should just keep quiet about who we represent and let them draw their own conclusions. Anyone else have any other ideas?"


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