x102: Cowboy in a Plain Brown Wrapper

Well," Carandil said as he walked back in, now with his blaster rifle slung over his shoulder, "Half of us could go a stage a few pirate raids on the freighters, and we let fear build for a day or two. Then the other half comes in as freelancer fighter pilots, and offer their services as escorts. After all, you can't hide your route from your own security now, can you?" He chuckled and smiled.

"I agree; you cannot. As well, this may significantly increase our profit margins." Fei tilts her head again. "Though it might also cause additional precautions to be taken. Still, I find that this plan might be for the best, as it has the additional advantage of showing us what measures the planet will take against such attacks first-hand."

Zelina looks at Fei curiously. "I thought you disliked combat? But you're right, additional profit is always welcome."

Zelina shrugs a little and continues. "The thing is, if they are raided, and then suddenly a few mercenaries for hire appear, wouldn't it seem a little too convenient? And it seems to me that we should be focusing on the planet side of things. After all, we aren't exactly equipped to take him alive in space."

There's silence as she tries to integrate the new suggestion. "Well, perhaps the two ideas can be combined. Half the team could stage the raids, while the other half poses as the buyer and escorts. Hmm...we should just decide on something and get going. I have to get my stuff ready." She nimbly gets up and heads towards her quarters.

"I believe half of us was the plan that Carandil suggested, yes. Perhaps if we are all in agreement then, it is the plan we should put into action." Fei pauses. "I am unsure as to what division of our forces would best facilitate this ruse, however.."

Vasten raises a hand again. "I vote for the division of forces which gets me poodoo-faced in a cantina."

Fei does the protocol head-tilt. "Perhaps the ground-side, then. My protocol functions would likely be of most use there as well. If you and I were to head to solid ground along with Lupus, we would present a respectable fighting force. Meanwhile, I suspect Carandil would enjoy playing havok with shipping and Zelina the part of a pirate."

GM glares in general as, first chance they get, the party splits up.

Pirates, Yar!
Carandil and Zelina

Carandil’s TIE and Zelina’s Z-Wing lift off, heading out to look for cargo ships to terrorize. Most of the ships run between Fyrth V and the asteroid belt. However, with planetary orbits not always being so nice as to be conveniently timed, and several mines are large asteroids through the field, there’s no clear place to start.

As the fly towards the huge pocket of space that is their target, they’ll need to figure out what and where they’re hitting.

Ground Crew in a Cantina!
Fei, Lupus, and Vasten

Fei brings the Longscount into Fyrth V’s main, and only full-service, spaceport. Docking fees, duties, and what not are handled in the usual sense, with a bit of bluster, bribery, and threats. The town, conveniently called Capital City, is a dust bowl inside of a dust belt on a rock and dust world. The only difference between Capital City and Mos Eisley is the number and size of rocks. In fact, all the place needs is a tumbleweed, oops, there’s one!

Its official, Capital City sucks.

People wander about, going about their business and seeming to not care in the least about the new visitors. It looks like most of the businesses are mineral exporters. The mines, apparently, are not exceptionally prosperous, but do produce a small volume of very valuable minerals, along with enough commonly available minerals to help pay the bills. The rest of the businesses appear to be importers, mostly of the domestic need category- food and water.

A few blocks from the spaceport the group finds a cantina that seems to focus on the spacer lot- The Spacers Lot. A Food Liaison Zero, FL0, droid tottles up and asks, ”WHAT YOU HAVING SWEETCHEEKS?” Apparently the volume control on it is a bit wonky.

Carandil, 17f, 22r, 18w, 40/40hp
--TIEUgly, 21f, 18r, 5dr, 75/75hp
D-PFA (Fei) , 10f, 13r, 14w, 49/49hp
--Longscout, 26f, 13r, 10dr, 110/100hp
Jack, 17f, 23r, 14w, 47/47hp
--TIEWing, 24f, 12r, 10dr, 10sr, 80/80hp
Lupus, 20f, 21r, 19w, 70/70hp
--Swiftfang, 26f, 13r, 10dr, 10sr, 80/80hp
Vasten, 19f, 20r, 19w, 59/59hp
--Badass, 25f, 12r, 10dr, 15sr, 120/120hp
Zelina, 18f, 19r, 20w, 50/50hp
--Z-Wing, 20f, 16r, 10dr, 10sr, 60/60hp

Space Group- couple of ways you can find your target. Most of them involve skills and dice rolls, but I’ll also accept fancy RP.

Ground Group- couple of… anh, read what I wrote for the space group.

Mynock's Nest

"Alright. Have fun playing in the mud pit!" Carandil said, walking out of the room once again.

Several hours later, IN SPAAAAAAACCE!

"Alright, we know where one end of the route is," Carandil said on the comm to Zelina. "So why don't we start at the point of the asteroid field closest to V and then split up and head opposite directions.

"Also, we need something to call ourselves, because the only way we have to capture one of these things is to scare 'em into surrender. And we can't very well use our real names. Any suggestions?"


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