x102: Cowboy in a Plain Brown Wrapper

Zelina has mixed feelings as she pilots her starfighter in-system. She still wasn't entirely comfortable with the raid portion of the plan, and so far, it seemed to her that her wingmate wasn't exactly...stable. And though she's not entirely surprised when he suggests violating basic starfighter tactics by splitting up a wing pair, it doesn't make her feel any better.

"Um, okay," she finds herself answering. "How about Claw or Fang or something ominous? But the moment either of us find something, let the other know and form up together right away." She tries to frame her rationale in terms of mission success, rather than basic survival. "After all, our raid will probably be a lot more successful if both of us work together."

Before setting off on her own, she checks her starfighter's systems to make sure everything is just the way she likes it. Her lasers tuned to her favorite settings, and her shields reinforced. With all of that done, she checks her sensors to get a sense of what, and whom was out there in space with her.

"That's a bit overdone, don't you think? Ah well... operation Voidclaw is a go then.

"And don't tell me you're afraid of cobbled-together transport. I'll call it in, but don't expect me to save any for ya."

Lupus strode out into the dust with the other two. He wore a long sleeveless coat and had his long-handled lightsaber (disguised as a stun club) clamped to his back. The traditional Zabrak tattoos swept across his face and down under his collar, to reappear across his bare shoulders and arms and down to the padded bracers and fingerless gloves that he wore.

"Wow. I knew this place was a dusty rock of a hole, but..." He sidestepped the tumbleweed rolling past. "Where should we start? Hit the local bar and chat up the need for a few escort pilots? We might be able to ask about the local cargo pilots while we're at it, see if we can get a lead on our friend."

Vasten looks up at Lupus suddenly. "Think we'll have time for escorts?" he asks cheerily. "It's a little early for me, but if you're buying..?" The Devaronian shrugs with a quick nod.

Arriving at the cantina, Sil promptly sidesteps the FL-0 and heads straight for the bar, where he promptly and noisily takes a seat and knocks on the surface for the barkeeps attention - he needed the human-touch for his drink, but the near-human one would have to do.

"Hey Blue," he calls out. "Aitha. Spicy and dirty, on-the-fly, go easy on the viols."

When the drink arrives, Sil grabs the barkeep by the wrist, and pulls him in. "Hey, errh, I'm looking for a friend of mine. Vid Scizs. He told me he needed some credits to pay off some debt, but I can't seem to get a hold of him ever since I hit this dust-bowl. I know he does runs from here to IV - is he off planet? I'm sure he'd appreciate it if you'd help me get him his credits. Hell, I'd even do you a favor and fix that FL-0 for you. Thing's giving me a headache, ruining my buzz."

Sil trades in the casual glances for a deadly stare, right into the barkeep's eyes.

Dice Roll: 1d20+13z
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 25)
Deception (25)

Pirates, Yar!
Carandil and Zelina

Given the first opportunity, Carandil’s TIE and Zelina’s Z-Wing split up. The asteroid field is a huge place, and Zelina’s first pass comes up with nothing.

Carandil has more luck- he spots a cargo ship of approximately the correct size approaching a large asteroid- there’s probably a mine on the large asteroid.

Ground Crew in a Cantina!
Fei, Lupus, and Vasten

Vasten’s drink is served exactly the way he likes it, with the exception, possibly, of the spicy bit. The FL0 looks disappointed that it wasn’t able to help, and more so that the bartender is going to get the tip. Or maybe the droid doesn’t care and just turned off.

The few people in the bar pay no mind to the newcomers. Mostly spacers, they’re just there to have a few drinks before flying away- obviously ignoring the sensibility of flying a spaceship impaired. Even those that notice Vasten speaking quietly to the bartender don’t care beyond simply noting the fact.

The bartender replies, ”Mister, I don’t know you, and I never seen you before. But you best be letting go of my wrist before this discussion takes a much more sour turn, ya hear?”

Suddenly, all those folks that were not paying attention, are.

Carandil, 17f, 22r, 18w, 40/40hp
--TIEUgly, 21f, 18r, 5dr, 75/75hp
D-PFA (Fei) , 17f, 19r, 21w, 49/49hp
--Longscout, 26f, 13r, 10dr, 110/100hp
Jack, 17f, 23r, 14w, 47/47hp
--TIEWing, 24f, 12r, 10dr, 10sr, 80/80hp
Lupus, 20f, 21r, 19w, 70/70hp
--Swiftfang, 26f, 13r, 10dr, 10sr, 80/80hp
Vasten, 19f, 20r, 19w, 59/59hp
--Badass, 25f, 12r, 10dr, 15sr, 120/120hp
Zelina, 18f, 19r, 20w, 50/50hp
--Z-Wing, 20f, 16r, 10dr, 10sr, 60/60hp, Personalized lasers

Fei isn't programmed to sigh in exasperation. It would be poor protocol.

"What my somewhat overeager associate means to say is that we are seeking Master Schiz to warn him of impending danger.
Dice Roll:
1d20+16 1d20+16
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 19)
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 33)

If the Persuasion roll would fail but the Perception roll would beat the same DC, add +5 to the Persuasion roll before determining success or failure.
Now, if both of you will sit down, perhaps we will be able to have a mutually profitable discussion?" Fei turns to Vasten. "Preferably before you would do something that will lose the Captain Master Schiz's business."

Lupus stood behind the other two, satisfied to let them handle the barkeep. Too many pilots in the cockpit and all. Instead he
Intimidate (Persuasion):
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 14)
scowled around at the other patrons, encouraging them to go back to their own drinks.

Sil glares around the bar gingerly, long-fingers still tightly wrapped around the barkeeps hand, before turning his gaze back to him. He was about to toss the drink aside and go with his first instinct...but the droid interjected.

Slowly, he loosened his grip and went back to the drink.

Carandil dialed up the comm again. "I've got one, lone ship," and he read off its position. "I'm going in. Out."

Using the asteroids to shield him, he started closing on the contact, while trying to get a better sensor read. At least a name so he could call the pilot out.

"Nothing here?" Zelina mutters to herself as she continues to maneuver her craft among the asteroids, keeping an eye on her sensors. But then her headset comes to life, as Carandil passes on the location of his contact.

"I'm on my way," she replies, as she turns her fighter around and heads towards Carandil's position.

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