Stein Schmitt

Stein Schmitt

Name: Stein Schmitt
Gender identity: Male
Actual Age: 50

+ To create a group mind state akin to the Synergists, while maximizing the individuality of its members.
+ Join the Neo-Synergists or Synergists (end game scenario)

Background: Original Space Colonist
Bonus: +10 Freefall, +10 to a Technical, Academic: [Field], +20 to Networking [Field].

Faction: Argonaut
Bonus: +10 to two Technical, Academic: [Field] or profession: [Field], +20 to Networking [Scientists]

[Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Circadian Regulation, Cortical Stack, Eidetic Memory, Endocrine Control, Grip Pads,

Hyper-Linguist, Math Boost, Mental Speed, Prehensile Feet [Added/purchased: Oxygen Reserve]. Aptitude Maximum: 40 (COG and

INT), 30 (all others). Durability: 35 Wound Threshold: 7. Advantages: +15 COG, +10 INT, +5 WIL, +5 to one other aptitude of

the player’s choice (assigned to SAV). Disadvantage: Addiction (minor, to comfort), Fast Metabolism (p. 165, Sunward), Uncanny

Valley CP Cost: 70 Credit Cost: Expensive (Minimum 40,000+)]
Visible gender: Male
Visible age: 28
Appearance: A man in his late twenties, with pale skin, white short hair, green eyes, and a bright amber colored boney crest upon his


Aptitudes: [x]=base/(y)=morph bonus=its total (rolling option chosen): COG [20] (+15=35), COO [12], INT [17] (+10=27), REF

[11], SAV [14] (+5=19), SOM [10], WILL [15] (+5=20).
Moxie: 2

Active Skills (to spend: 0/400):
Networking [Scientists] Base(20)/Total( 65=+40 (from background and faction) +5 (morph bonus)
Medicine [Implant Surgery] Base(50)/Total(75=+15 (morph bonus)+10 (Utilitool))
Freefall Base(41)/Total(51=+10 (from background))
Interfacing Base(54)/Total(69=+15 (morph bonus)
Hardware [Electronics] Base(50)/Total(75=+15 (morph bonus)+10 (Utilitool))
Spray Weapons Base(52)/Total(52=+0)
Research Base(50)/Total(65=+15 (morph bonus)
Protocol Base(39)/Total(44=+5 (morph bonus)
Persuasion Base(60)/Total(64=+5 (morph bonus)
Perception Base(47)/Total(67=+10 (morph bonus)+10 (specs))
Fray Base(40)/Total(40=+0)
Infosec Base (26)/Total (41=+15 (morph bonus))
Deception Base(54)/Total(59=+5 (morph bonus)
Programming Base(44)/Total(59=+15 (morph bonus))

Knowledge Skills (to spend: 0/200):
Academics: Sociology Base(50)/Total(75=+15 (morph bonus)+10 from faction)
Academics: Mesh networking Base(50)/Total(75=+15 (morph bonus)+10 from faction)
Art: Base(21)/Total( 31=+10 (morph bonus))
Interest: Group Minds Base(55)/Total(70=+15 (morph bonus))
Interest: Synergists/Neo-Synergists Base(55)/Total(70=+15 (morph bonus))
Langauge: German Base(18)/Total(99 (for max skill level) (actual level is 115)=+10(morph bonus)+70+17(Native Language))
Language: English Base(47)/Total(57=+10 (morph bonus))
Profession: Mesh network researcher Base(55)/Total(70=+15 (morph bonus))

@-rep: 0
G-rep: 0
I-rep”: 0
R-rep: 50
E-rep: 0
C-rep: 0
F-rep: 0

Traits (3): (+)Allies (consisting of a crew of like-minded scientist from Titan and Bright, with an interested in replicating the

hypermesh), (+)Frist Impression, (-)stalker (Panopticon, pg.147) (his wife who he divorced while still on Titan before moving to


Gear&Money(credits = 200) (all items—save for the first two free ones—were bought at their average price and their default price

range): Backup Insurance (one month), Standard Muse, one Shard Pistol (Ap -10, DV 1d10+6/Average 11, Firing Modes SA, BF,

Fa, Ammo 100), Shard Pistol ammunition (two packs of ammunition—each containing 100 “rounds”—with one pack—whose case

is covered in green tape—using a liquid form of the toxin “Twitch,” while another—whose case is covered in red tape—uses the

toxin “BTX2”), armor clothing (looks like a white lab coat) (3/4), armor vest (beneath armor clothing) (6/6), smart vac clothing

(beneath armor vest and armored clothing) (2/4), oxygen Reserve cyber ware implant (already installed in current morph), electronics

tool kit, utilitool, two ectos (used for tinkering and/or experimenting for his attempts at replicating and/or altering the hypermersh),


Total armor= 11/14
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Solar Archive: Saturn Mesh Chat room, 4 AF.
#Start Conversation#
#Active Members: 2#

>Do you know why the Fall occurred?

<What does this have to do with our marriage--

>It was, certainly, not because of seed AGI's magically appearing and deciding to eliminate their lessor's. But rather
the continuation of the same patterns throughout human history... And one more factor--

<I can't believe this. You're talking to me like one of your students. Why don't you just--

>This being, humanities and transhumanities choice... That horrid decision to create a "higher power," to generate a being that infinitely dwarfs its parents...When instead--

<Yes Stein, I know. "We should have turned ourselves into...gods...into a hive mind!"

>Hana...You know that is not what I mean...What I seek is a group mind. You hear me? A group mind, where we are all truly equal, can completely share for maximum survival, all whilst retaining our individuality in full... Something sought after, I remind you, by idealist for eons... But, it is now truly a possible reality.

<Can you hear yourself Stein?! You sound like some Ultimate, a Singularity seeker!

>I am no such thing! One are a group of mad despots that only wish to have what they deem "superior individuals" rule over and crush those they deem "weak." The others only seek to have "greater beings" control them. Hana, can't you see the benefit of what I desire? How this may allow transhumanity to completely abandon its old ideologies in favor of something that might allow avoiding extinction? Or can you at least such a social trend would help us survive the return of--

<Oh, Stein. The TITANS are not going to return. Can't you accept that she is gone? Nothing is left of her; those machines even corrupted all of her backups. I miss her too... But I thought we moved to Titan together so we could move on.

>I...will never forget our daughter...Hana... But to ignore all that has happened, and then slowly--but surely--drop back to what made it happen...This will not prevent our extinction, nor prevent new threats from forming. I implore you...Just help me in this project. Permanently link your mind with mine...and then we can share in our grief and actually "move on" and progress past this...stagnation.

<Project? Stagnation? Link our minds?! Stein, you need help. This is becoming an obsession. I thought we were through the psychotherapists and psychosurgeons. I thought this world, its society, and the new start it offered was enough!

> seems...I was wrong... I thought you would agree. After all, our relationship has lasted since we first moved to the outer system; in that habitat within the void... But it has regrettably ended. I'm sorry Hana, but this is something I must do...something that will better all in the centuries to come. I enjoyed our time together, but can such bonds truly last in this age of immortals?

<Oh, Stein. I knew you still cared--

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#Active Members: 1#

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