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Scrapping Private Game Status

It appears that everyone that is against nixing the private game feature is saying because they are a private person, yet each one of them is using a public medium to play their games. Technically no private game is truly private since the Admins can view all content on the site (for obvious reasons). The matter of private games doesn't affect me one way or the other.

It also would appear that their is a heavy sense of paranoia in most of those views as well. As I believe Adeaih (sorry if I misspelled your name) said, "we will adapt". I'm sorry that you feel that you must adapt. Personally, I just enjoy a good read, and it has nothing to do with a desire to "steal" someone else's ideas.

I apologize if I have angered anyone, but I simply felt compelled to say something. (No, I am not attacking those of you that want to keep the private game feature.)

That's just my 2 cents (which I probably should have kept to myself).

Having never been a part of a private game (that I know of), here are my two cents. I'm personally neutral on the issue.

I'm not so sure that removing private games will solve all of the things you want to solve. It may just cause GMs more effort to achieve the same goals.

Originally Posted by Plugsy
A significant problem with private games is the restriction it paces on the ability of GMs to check out players existing games and vice versa for players checking GMs. Among the most effective actions which can be taken to avoid failed games is checking out a member's existing games and the growth in the unintended use of private status increases game failure rates.

Another problem is that games are joint property formed by the collaboration of players and GM, if a player is removed from the game he/she no longer has access to what is his/her joint intellectual property.
If a GM or player is so concerned about their privacy, as private threads and posts will still remain, users may make all threads private to a subset of users, or, if they're really so dedicated, make all posts private. I can't see anyone going to the pains of the latter but the former also prevents user-history from being solved effectively. Users still will be hard-pressed to find a player's posting/gaming history if the player is inclined to private threads.

In addition, if a GM regulates private threads based on current players, players who have left are still denied access to their joint intellectual property, correct? They can still see portions of their old posts, but I believe that is true in the status quo as well.

However, I confess that my understanding of private games is not complete. Does an archived private game become as visible as an archived normal game with 100% private threads? What about an archived normal game with 100% private posts? My understanding is that they behave similarly (no visibility/access post-archival) but if this is false then the above points are less concerning, though they still apply to games in-progress.

When a game is archived, all game content is made public. This includes private threads and private tags.

Wouldn't be who wanted to have private games still just be able to make all the threads private except for their players, thus achieving the same thing, essentially...?

Part of the issue is, it seems, we're not doing a very good idea of enforcing private games as currently envisioned. Arella's post reveals that, and also makes the point about all the tendrils this feature needs to have, and the additional effort in supporting it going forward.

@RotatingPanda see the rest of the thread, that's been addressed a few times

I've not used the feature, but I know it helps some gamers out, so I am in favor of it staying.

but I've noticed many people play testing new material- whether its homemade or official content that's yet to have been released. There are just some things that you would like to keep away from the general masses if you can
I agree with this as well, i have a lot of material i design myself, and was considering running a lot of it in the future, I probably wont if the Private game option isn't there simply because i put a lot of time and effort into the whole thing and am not keen on just anyone running away with my hard work.

However that said, i completely understand if it creates more work for the admin. I'm not going to sit here and cause a fuss over a website i can play my games on and not have to pay a monthly fee for. That would just be ungrateful. LOL. So whatever you guys think is best is cool, but (and maybe this was answered already) is the problem so big it cant just be overlooked? how big is the problem and is everyone having it?


If it's complicating matters, it's gone simple.

You can still make threads and messages private sooooo. . . .

Thanks for the heads up

I started using the site when I moved away from my gaming group, and we used it to start games that were just for us, kind of keeping the group together in a way. Until we'd gotten used to using MW it was great to have a private game to experiment and make mistakes on. As long as we can still start games with specific people in mind, and anyone who views our game posts at any time understands that it's our game and we're playing our way, it shouldn't matter much.

In the end, if it keeps the site open, and allows those who enjoy using it to continue to do so, those who run MW should make it as easy on themselves as possible.

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