Chapter one: Your nightmare lingers.

OOCLyryn you pass the Will Save however your attack does miss.

Once more ignoring its cold touch you try to sever it's grip on you by stomping it. You muster your strength but you cant quiet twist enough to hit it.


Ozzie you are up next.

Rhett's delayed action whenever you return Jestem.

Harald you can post out of combat order if you get online before Ozzie has posted, just spoiler your action. Tag it as: 'Harald's round 2 actions'.

Ozzie's Round 2 Action

Moving over to the table, Ozzie places his hand on the table, then casts Light on the table, whilst saying,
"It's a bit dark in here, let's brighten things up a little."

As Ozzie touches the table it lights up. illuminating the room. Blinking for a moment, the entire kitchen and it contents become clear. You can all see Lyryn struggling with a unseen assailant. Stomping her foot to the ground and her other leg shivering and shaking a little.

Harald you are up next.

Rhett's delayed action when ever you return Jestem.

What is happening here, what is hurting the lady? Do something!

Seeing that Lyryn is struggling with this thing, and that punching the air near it seems to be a good idea, he too will attempt to punch the air, moving into a flanking position if he can.

Dice Roll: 1d20+3
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 13)
Attack Roll

Dice Roll: 1d3+1
d3 Results: 2 (Total = 3)
Non lethal Damage Roll

OOCRhett your attack misses and the enemy is not flanked.

Rhett seeing Lyryn in distress runs into the room and punches wildly at the air. His fists do not connect with anything.


You are up next Harald.

Harald continues concentrating on his spell. He might take the time to speak if he picks anything interesting up from it, but otherwise nothing changed this round.

OOCHarald you detect one faint aura.

Harald, who was not distracted by Rhett punching at nothing, concentrates in the same area near Lyryn, where he had a feeling magic was in use. He senses one faint magic aura and has a look of deep concentration on his face as the fight continues.
__________________________________________________________________________________________ ___

Round 3 initiative order:

1. Rhett
2. DM
3. Lyryn
4. Ozzie
5. Harald.

Rhett you are up next.

People may post out of initiative order. If you do please spoiler it.

Pretty lady, what's going on, why are you stomping the floor? Whats going on? The dreams scared me. Head hurting and feeling explodey. Like cider barrels when they brew too long. At least thats what father used to say.

Rhett is rather confused as to what is going on, and wishes for things to become a little clearer. Seeing Lyryn stomping on something, he will try and stomp in roughly the same area, seeing what happens.

Dice Roll: 1d20+1
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 15)

Dice Roll: 1d3+1
d3 Results: 1 (Total = 2)

As Rhett attacks the floor, stomping around the area where Lyryn had done. He feels a crunch below his foot and a loud scream can be heard from the floor. Followed by a small thud.

Lyryn you feel his grip tighten on your ankle.

The invisible attacker having had his arm stomped on by Rhett grips tighter on Lyryn. His scream of pain diminishing as he attempts once more to attack Lyryn.

"He hits me again and you will regret it Paladin."

OOCMake another Will Save Lyryn.

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