Chapter one: Your nightmare lingers.

A look of confusion crosses Ozzie's faces as he is hit by the barrage of questions from Rhett. In some form of desperation, he shook his head before talking,
"Gah! You're worse than I am, and that's kinda impressive."

Once again, he paused for a moment, gathering his thoughts before properly replying to the questions,
"Ok, I don't actually know where everyone went, I just knew it would happen, and no, I couldn't do anything to stop it as I don't know how they disappeared. As for food, I haven't got a clue, I would guess the kitchen but I wouldn't know where to find that. Also, haven't got a clue where the stables are, considering I don't have a horse, or other kind of mount for that matter."

"As for the pork, you're not wrong about that, it was quite good."

Worse in what way? Are the questions better or is it just a case of there are too many questions and you are feeling barraged under then and unable to keep up? Is there such a thing as a good question or a bad one, and if so how do you tell the difference? How come you were able to tell that they were going to disappear? Can you see into the future somehow? Are you a spirit? My mother used to say that spirits were able to see into the past and the future and tell us important stuff about it. And in any case, if you knew when they were going, even if you didn't know where they were going to go, then why couldn't you stop it? Look, lets get going and find Thumper. I am worried about him

Rhett will continue down the corridor, checking the rooms as he goes, but generally moving forward and trying to find Thumper. Until he finds the poor frightnened Dinosaur he is likely to be like this. i.e. lots of questions and a rather flighty mind

"I kinda agree with your last statement," Ozzie said, as he also headed down the corridor, looking in rooms for anything of note, "If you change 'Thumper' to 'anybody'. And as for everything else you said, I'm just gonna ignore it. You seem to have more questions than I care to answer."

As you head down the corridor, looking in doors as you go, the vast emptiness of the situation becomes apparent. The only room with a current occupant is the one you have seen already and they seem busy at the moment.

When you reach the end of the corridor you come across the stairs, some leading downwards to the ground floor and others leading upwards to more rooms and offices.

Harald appears at the top of the stairs, leaning heavily against the wall with his other hand on his forehead.

"Can I hear someone talking? Do any of you know what happened to the- ow. What on-"
He stops and almost stumbles, closing his eyes. "My head hurts. Do any of you know where the kitchen is? I could use a drink of water or something."

He looks down the stairs.

"Wait, who actually are you?"

"Aha, someone else!" Ozzie exclaimed, "And with less questions than the last guy, good good. But also, better question, more useful questions, also good.

Haven't got a clue where the kitchen is, guess we'll find it when we explore this place more. As for who I am, I'm Ozzie, and this is Squawk."
He pointed towards the small hawk who was currently sitting on his right shoulder.

"I'm Harald. Do you have any idea where everyone else has gone? You seem to have some idea what is happening. There doesn't seem to be anyone else up here, I guess downstairs it is."

Harald walks down the steps unsteadily with one hand resting on the wall. He stops for a moment as he reaches the bottom of the staircase, catching his breath and rubbing his eyes.

"Argh, I don't know what I've done to myself. I haven't had a migraine this bad for years."

You know, to simply ignore questions is very rude. I mean its not like I was even asking all that much, and answers are really powerful things that might provide an insight into whatever is going on around us. After all, you still haven't explained why you didn't warn people that they were going to be disappearing, and stated that it was just because you couldn't change anything, but then how do you know that you couldn't change anything if you didn't try?

To Harald Oh by the way, Hi. My name is Rhett. Have you seen my dinosaur?

Harald lowers his hands from rubbing his eyes and looks at Rhett for several seconds.

"..dinosaur?, I can't say I have. Somehow I doubt such a creature would be found up two flights of stairs."

"Haven't got a clue what happened to everyone, I just knew it would happen," Ozzie said, as he followed Harald down the stairs before he turned to Rhett, "And I didn't try to stop it because without knowing how it was going to happen, there is nothing I can do. Which is why I'm here, I couldn't stop it so I'm going to reverse it. Also, I did warn people, why do you think I was locked up in this temple like everyone else?"


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