Chapter one: Your nightmare lingers.

"Really? Interesting..." Ozzie said, before speaking to Squawk," Take this. Just fly through the forest nearby and try and light them up if you can."
He holds the currently glowing stick for Squawk, recasting his Light spell to give it the maximum duration. Squawk hops of Ozzie's shoulder onto the stick. Getting a good grip on the stick with his talons, Squawk takes flight and scouts the surrounding treeline.

As Squawk moves through the trees with the skilful movements of a hunter bird the light falls to the ground and you hear a loud noise from Squawk as it moves full speed out of the forrest towards Ozzie.

EveryoneRoll initiative please.

Dice Roll: 1d20+4
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 7)

Seeing the bird come out of the trees like a bat out of hell, Lyryn was glad she had already gotten her weapon out she points it at the direction the bird flew from.

Initiative roll

Dice Roll: 1d20+2
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 6)

As Squawk comes to them, Rhett will move even closer to Thumper, seeking comfort in the dinosaurs bulk

RECAPYou all woke up in a temple hospital and everyone had disappeared. Ozzie, Rhett and Harald met on the way to finding people. You all came down the stairs and Ozzie heard his name being called by Lyryn. After rescuing Lyryn out of chains and finding your items and some extra's. Rhett and Harald began to dream whilst awake and Lyryn went to find some thing to help and became trapped in the kitchen with a unseen enemy. Rhett and Harald where awoke by some creative thinking by Ozzie and everyone fought the foe in the kitchen. You where joined by Ria. After he was defeated a few items where found on him. One being a symbol that matched up to a symbol on Ozzies map. The foe disappeared and you all set off following the map. All but Harald who disappeared into a pile of ash. Ozzie discovered something about Lyryn and Rhett found Thumper. You are currently travelling in the forrest and have seen some dark shadows around you.

Ria runs into the forrest to see what the bird is running from. You all hear an almighty scream coming from her and she is flung out towards you all.

Ozzie, Squawk and LyryrnReflex saves. Rhett you where sheltering near Thumper. There will be a link to a map up today. After reflexes have been resolved and the map is available you can place your selves on it. Aisling I may need some help in using GDoc.

Dice Roll: 1d20+1
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 6)

Seeing Ria coming towards them she attempts to move out of the way.

"What the...."

Ria's body comes flying through the air and hits Lyryn square in the chest. Lyryrn falls to the ground, Ria's corpse on top of her.(Lyryn takes
Dice Roll: 1d6
d6 Results: 2
Damage). Thinking fast Ozzie and Squawk move out of the way. You hear a deep laughing coming from the area of forest that Ria had 'emerged' from.

LINK TO MAP Thank you to Ailsing for helping with this, here is a map.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ __________
Round 1 initiative

Surprise round DM -------> Throw Ria's corpse at party
Ozzie (Squawk)
Lyryrn ------>prone
Rhett (Thumper)

Glancing at Ria's body, Ozzie mutters,
"Ok, heading into darkness, bad idea."

Ozzie begins looking through the darkness using Detect Magic, hoping that he might be able to see any magic they have to be able to attack them.

Squawk, meanwhile, remains near Ozzie, for the moment.

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