Chapter one: Your nightmare lingers.

I think you might be surprised, Thumper was always pretty resourceful like that. I found him up a tree once, that was amazing fun to get him out out. Lots of apples later we got him out, although Mother wasn't happy that we kinda broke the tree a little bit. Still, the apples were tasty once we put them into a pie. Do you know what has happened to all the people? This corridor isn't meant to be so quiet, and it just seems weird that they didn't come to wake us up earlier.

As you get to the bottom of the stairs, you see the empty entrance way, the large hall seems much bigger without the people that normally filled it. Each sound you make echoes around it. As you stand there you hear a voice coming from behind a large statue at the back of the hall and the sounds of nature continue outside.


'If anyone hears this they are going to think I'm actually mad. He had better not have been winding me up. but then how would he know and what can I do about it right now even if he was!.' She thought to herself.


She screamed at the top of her voice. Just had he had warned her; she woke up to an open door. For the first time since she got there. 'It would of been to much to ask for this chains to be undone as well wouldn't it. ah dam it!'

"OZZIE... etc.

As he reaches the bottom of the stairs, Ozzie suddenly hears his name being shouted. He pauses for a moment, stunned as his tried to figure out who could be around that knew him and would be shouting for him. Coming up blank, he slowly heads towards the door, before poking his head around the door frame to see who was inside. As he did, Squawk also jumped onto his head to see inside.


"Oh thank the heavens, there you are, what took you so long? could you get me out of these things please?" She said, her voice slightly gruff from shouting. She shook the chains as she spoke, pulling as hard as she could to pull them from the wall though with little success.

"Erm, sorry?" Ozzie said, as he took a step into the doorway, "But, do I know you? 'Cause you seem to know me."

"Yes of course I know you Ozzie, I saved your arse from the cultists. I know Squawk to. Please get me out of these things before the Clerics figure out what is going on." She said looking at him confused.

"What? Cultists?? But... oh bugger...." Ozzie said, before his face showed a dawning revealation, "My future, your past. Damn it, I hate it when this happens."

He walked over to get a better look at the locks as he continued,
"Look, say nothing else about whatever happened with the cultists. I don't know what happened but I also can't know what happened. Just so you know, I haven't got a clue who you are but if you know me enough to be shouting my name for help, then I guess I can trust you. Oh, and you should probably know, apart from you, me and two other guys back there, everyone has vanished, clerics included."

He paused for a moment as he inspected the locks more before saying,
"Hmm, good locks. Strong, sturdy, and I don't have a way to unlock them without keys. I don't suppose you know where they are?"

Dice Roll: 1d20
d20 Results: 11
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: d20
Original Dice: d20


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