Chapter one: Your nightmare lingers.

That is a good enough perception. You notice as you came up to the door just before you enter the room there was a small chest. You figure the keys may be kept in there. Also As you are stood close to Lyryn you also notice scraps and deep cuts in her wrists and ankles where it looks like she has been trying to get out of the chains for a long time. The cuts are not new and the metal cuffs are stained.

When Ozzie explains that he doesn't knwo her, she begins to understand, at least a little, why he was so cryptic when they first met. "What ever you say Ozzie, if you don't want me to talk about it I won't"

She takes a look around trying to remember where she may have seen the keys.

Dice Roll: 1d20+4
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 6)

"Vanished? How?" She stops for a moment, pulling her sleeves up around the cuts. "Never mind that, once I am out of these dam chains I will deal with it then."

"Yeh, let's get you out first, you seem to have been here for a while," Ozzie muttered, taking a step back for a moment, deep in thought, before tuning around and heading towards a small chest that was nearby. Just before he opened the box, he stopped and checked to see if there was anything magical about the box. He also took the opportunity to check for any magic on the 3 other people nearby.

(OOC: Using Detect Magic on the small chest, followed by Rhett, Harald and Lyryn, assuming they are all within 60ft of me)

OOCThe box does not detect as magic. Lyryn's chains have a strong field of magic around them, If the others are in range: Let Ozzie know if he detects magic on you. Lyryn your roll is not enough to remember where you saw the keys been put away, they are usually in someones hand when you see them.

The box is a small wooden case.

Ozzie slowly picked up each item in the box, examining each one before putting it in a pocket somewhere in his cloak. He then finally picks up the keys, twirlling them around his finger as he entered back into the room.

"Well, for your sake, I hope one of these unlocks the chains," Ozzie said to Lyryn, as he tried the first key in the lock, "By the way, probably a strange question for you, but what's your name?"

OOCIf you were to scan me with the detect magic, then there is nothing magical on me or my equipment that i know of.

Rhett will follow Ozzie, looking around and wondering where Thumper is. Taking an interest in Ozzie and curious as to why he won't answer the questions that he asked earlier... When he comes into the room and sees the lady lying in the bed chained, he keeps quiet, hands once more going to his own wrists and rubbing them with a grimace of sympathy. For once he is quiet, his thoughts on other things.

MagicThere is no magic on me Ozzie

She looks at Ozzie confused again, but after promising not to talk about she just sighs and plays along. "Lyryn, Ryn if you like."

As her chains are taken off she breathes in deep and holds her breath as she pushes and leans against the wall to stand up.
"Thank you Ozzie, I guess this makes us even..for now. Who is your friend?" She said nodding her head at the young man at the door.

Rhett blushes. The pretty lady had asked who he was, and it was strange. His stomach did a small flip, and nerves like he hadn't felt ever came up. He mumbled something and then disappears off, heading towards other areas of the temple, searching for somewhere they might have kept his friend. Either that or searching for the kitchens so that he can get something to eat.

Rhett he mumbles as he disappears off. He wasn't good around girls. They were strange creatures.

"Huh..." Ozzie said, as he watched Rhett rush off, "Well, I can see why I'm still friends with you in the future. That kid has been nothing but question after relentless question."

He pauses for a moment, before continuing,
"Ok, time to clear something up with you, since you might be confused. I'm not crazy...ok, well, I might be crazy but that another discussion. Anyway, I haven't met you before and therefore have no knowledge of how we have met. However, I will meet you in my future at some point, which is kinda reassuring knowing I ain't gonna die anytime soon. Now, I'm sure you're wondering why my future is your past. Well, that would be because I can travel through time, hence why you've met me already, but I haven't met you. Your past is my future. Hence why you can't tell me exactly what went on and how you know me.
I hope that clears that mess up.
Also, I assume 'future me' told you to shout for me should this situation turn up?"

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