Chapter one: Your nightmare lingers.

"Time travel, Got it." She said clearly and concisely. She decided that though he may be crazy, he had set her free and seemed a genuine person each time she has met him. So she would let him be his type of crazy. "Yes you did, you told me to shout for you if this should happen."

"Ok, interesting, interesting," Ozzie said, again stroking his chin in thought, "I don't suppose 'future me' told you to say anything else?"

She thinks for a moment then nods her head. "'Oh and make sure to tell the annoying one that the dinosaur is in the stable.' that is pretty much it, I think."

"I see," Ozzie said, as he walks out of the room, "Well, that's clearly about Rhett and his dinosaur, I believe he said it was called 'Thumper'... Anyway, at least if we tell him he might keep quite more often when you're not around."

Rhett pokes his head back in, there was nothing in the rooms nearby that was particularly interesting, although he will make sure that if there are some small items such as bandages etc then he will grab them. Plus, foodstuffs.

Who is the annoying one? Did you manage to catch the persons name? Why were you chained like that? I was chained up like that too, but that might have been because I punched one of the guards when he called Thumper a dumb brute. Do you know where Thumper is? What's your name?

By all accounts, he seems to have regained a little of the fire that he had before. The colour has faded from his cheeks, but he is smiling again, and the hope that Thumper might be nearby is making him a little more like his old self.

Hit by the barrage of questions she takes a moment to try and keep up and completly failing she says . "Woah, woah, woah one question at a time please."

Signaling for him to come inside. She speaks with a parental tone, as a mother her mother did when she got to excited.

"Now take a deep breath, Rhett wasn't it?" She smiled as she asked waiting for him to take the breath she will signal for him to keep taking deep breaths then ask; "Who is Thumper? and if he is friends with someone who would punch a guard to defend him then I am sure where ever he is, he is doing just fine.".

"Thumper's the dinosaur," Ozzie said, flatly, before turning to Rhett, "He's in the stables, according to Lyryn, who got her information from me, but a future me, so it's probably correct."

Thumper isn't just the dinosaur, he is my dinosaur and he is amazing at all kinds of stuff. Like climbing trees, although he doesn't do that much any more because not many trees are strong enough to support him with their branches. At the end of the day the guard was asking for it. No-one calls my friend a big dumb dino and gets away with it. Cause Thumper was very upset after being called dumb, cause he isn't really at all dumb and yeah. But if he is in the stables then I should get going there to find him. Bye.

He dashes off madly looking for the stables, and then pops his head back in about 10 seconds later, blushing again.

Which way are the stables?

"I don't think any of us should be wondering around alone, if what Ozzie says is true and everyone has disappeared, we do not know how or by who yet. We will all go and get 'Thumper' TOGETHER, after I have found my weapons and armor that is."

She will raise her arm to indicate to Ozzie and Rhett and Harald (if he is there) to go first. "After you." she says politely and will wait for them to walk out before moving off the wall.

Harald is leaning against the wall outside the room- no point in overcrowding a small cell.
"Sounds reasonable to me. I think the armory was on the ground floor, which I assume is also where the stables are located. I'm Harald by the way, nice to meet you.

Any idea why you were all chained up when the rest of the... 'inmates' just got their own room? Seems like you were a special case."

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