Prologue: Meeting

Gwendolyn had been giving the iron man uneasy looks since he asked his random question, and as uneasy as she might be, the arrival of a pair of human men seems to make her feel a little better. At least they aren't thugs or cutpurses, though the younger one seems a little lean. "You men are the first I've seen in awhile." She admits, her eyes flickering up towards the ominous sky again. So different than when she was last here. "I... if the rest of you are going up the mountain as well, can I accompany you? I've climbed the mountain once, years ago, and I could use the aid of people with more martial sensibilities." She admits, glancing at them hopefully.

Willem's arrival does not cause Gene any alarm, as he figures Willem is also a part of what was described. That theory is confirmed when Willem speaks of being sent there. Gene nods to him while saying, "Something very similar happened with me. I was told to join up with a group of people to retrieve a coin. Apparently to save the world, though I'm not sure how much weight that story holds. If it is true, I definitely want to help. If it isn't... I have another reason for doing this." He pauses, but decides against continuing with that line of thought. If they were to work together, there would be plenty of time to share life stories later, should they prove trustworthy enough.

When the half-elf speaks of knowing the mountain, Gene feels some relief. Having someone with experience of the terrain would be a huge help. He had never been up a mountain before, so a guide would be excellent, and he says as much. "I've never been to this place. If you're willing to help me... or us... find our way, that'd be a great help."

As Tosun walks on his path he lifts his head and observes the mountain covered by the black clouds. He takes a moment to think.

It seems everything is in hiding in this deserted place, such is the silence around him.

Carrying on on his path he starts to hear some sounds, as he walks further the sounds become clearer - voices talking to each other.

He starts walking towards the voices, clearly these are the people the gnome was talking about, they had to be - there seemed to be no one else around.

The voices gain their shapes as Tosun walks through the mist, and the shapes soon gain their faces. He steps in closer. Amongst the chatter he finds an opportunity for himself and makes an introduction:

"Greetings wanderers. I believe you lot are the group that I am meant to accompany, are you the ones that are venturing to within the clouds of the mountain ahead?"

He gestures to the mountain, and turns his head towards the individuals in the group - observing each one of them, trying to see if any of them are known to him. He then observes his surrounding while he waits for a response - is this place somewhere where he may have been before? Perhaps in another life? Or perhaps he was told of this place in a story?

Dice Roll: 1d20+7z
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 11)
History (11)

The warforged tilts his hat down slightly, slightly obscuring his face
"It seems we where all told, by the same person to come to Ice Queen Mountain, no point in delaying then"

Gwendolyn glances nervously from the metal man to the new arrival, the foreigner. "We were all told this by someone, but not the same man." She insists, gripping her staff. "Boy." She glances at Gene, seeming to either not realize or not care that the two of them appear to be very near the same age. "A man asked me to find a coin as well, but not for the 'fate of the world' or any gods-worshippers tripe like that. He was a collector, a gnomish man, rather portly..." She trails off, wondering just who this man is, to speak to five people who are so disparate about this matter.

Willem nods in greeting to the latest arrival.

"A coin? Interesting..."

He raises one brow, his interest piqued.

"Seems not only were our taskgivers different, but also the tasks. I was just told of evil lurking on this mountain to be fought, to be defeated, to save the world."

The next person approaching seems to also have an idea of what is going on, which means he is probably another one of the people Gene was told to find. He nods to the man before turning to the woman speaking to him. Her terminology to him does not bother him; in knowing of the mountain, he may as well be a child. He then clarifies, "I was asked by a bartender. He was concerned for the world's fate, not with collecting the coin for himself. That's the impression I got at least."

As you begin your long walk along the road, you quickly realize that this will not be a simple journey. Though the road only slopes upward at a gentle rate, it is rough, Sfilled with loose stones. Also, the highest peaks of the mountain loom ominously overhead ... reminding you that you may be walking for some time.

Shortly after you begin your journey, you discover a ravine that runs across the road. The ravine is well over 100 feet wide, and 70 feet deep, It cuts deep into the mountainside. A makeshift wooden bridge crosses the ravine, connecting the road that you walk upon to its continuation on the other side.

Seeing the bridge causes Gene to halt. Though not afraid of heights, nearly any person would be hesitant to step on a rickety bridge over such a drop. If it was well made, Gene would cross it, even if he did not like the feeling of being inches away from a fall that would kill him. The question was whether the bridge was sturdy. Gene approaches it and begins to give it a closer look. Though he does not step on the bridge, his sharp eyesight might help him spot any flaws in its build.


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