Eighties Action Fest.

It happens. Hence the nice thing about play-by-post...RL scheduling is much less of an issue.

No, I think we're good. I was just kinda waiting to see if anyone else was going to post or wanted to put anything in. But all things considered, Quentin has free-fire authorization and clear proof of engagement protocols... he will do everyone the courtesy of SAYING what he's doing before opening fire.... by a few seconds...

No problem, Marco...those happen to everyone, usually at the most inconvenient times. My question is 'Did everyone else bail out?' or 'Is it the holiday season effect?'

I am interested in staying with this game...especially when it is just 'getting good'.

Agreed. And depending on the results of Prestar's post, I will have a post from Quentin. Sorry I haven't been as active this past week or so - between moving states and then getting sick (thank you very much, little bro... ugh), I've been pretty much trying to keep myself healthy. But I should be doing better here shortly and able to keep up better.

Holiday Season Effect on my end-has been pretty crappy. Work for a company that has a whole lot of competition (sells bikes and other stuff), and this season needs everybody selling, selling, *selling* or really making themselves useful.

All good. Would much rather you are busy with job than possessing excess of free time with no employment.


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