Eighties Action Fest.

Gabriel covered the basics, but please note that 'Drew' is built to take care of most of the support functions: Intel, Gear Acquisition, Additional Manpower, Travel Arrangements, Springing You All From Jail After a Bar Brawl, et cetera...

So if you want something In-Game, she can probably get it for you. (As well as any Pilots, Medics, etc. we need to fill in skill gaps.) She will probably be building/making your explosives, but to her EOD means "blow in place". Other than that, please PM myself or Gabriel if you need a back-story for some gear. Do note, though, if a Glock pistol is a Mastercraft +1 out of the box (and the GM agrees with this logic) than Sig-Sauer pistols and rifles, H&K .45 and USP pistols, custom 1911 .45ACP pistols (ParaOrdinance, Kimber, etc.), and any sniper rifle should all be +1 out of the box as well, since they are all made with just as high manufacturing quality.

Anyway, look forward to gaming with all of you (and having Andrea do all the support work so you all can focus on kicking ass when you are all out of bubblegum) and I have to say...this should be quite interesting.

Backstory updated to explain how I got Hillary... the name of which you'll have to ask in character

Well, I'm getting excited. When do we start?

Also, I'm reworking my equipment, so if a +3 weapon is OK, can I have two +2 weapons instead? With backstory, of course.

I'm excited to work with all of you. Hopefully the amount of players will not be too much for the game.

Originally Posted by Silent Hunter UK View Post
Quick question - is this set in the 1980s or the present day?
Present day-but the general feeling of the campaign is '1980's/1970's/1990's action movie' like in 'The Expendables' (or pretty much any action movie in those eras, really. The cheesier and more bombastic, the better).

We can put it to vote, though. What do you guys think-a campaign in the 1980's/1990's or current day?

I like current day. We have better explosions now than we did in the 80's.


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