Eighties Action Fest.

I tried to figure out the breakup of roles in the team. Please correct me if I am wrong about someone.
Charon is stealth/infiltration
Gregory is heavy machine guns/face
Garret doesn't seem to have an easily stated role
Quinn is designated marksman/sniper
Maria is CQC
Jack is faceman
Tarja is small arms/shotguns/gunsmith
Andrea is support/techie
Roland is leader/french

Jack's also the team's transporter/pilot and mission coordinator. He's the middle man between our clients and the rest of the operations crew. The minions he gets through his Mastermind levels will be medical types who mostly just hang around the compound until we need to be patched up.

I'm curious about our team's history. I had Jack set up as the team's founder or co-founder but I'm curious as to everyone else's place in the timeline.

I assume Andrea and Jack will work out some sort of history with founding the group or she will be an early member. Quentin was brought in a few months ago by his connection with Andrea and his previous work with her.

I've got an idea for why Mendoza joined up, and I'll write it up tonight.

Also, it looks like we're missing a medic.

P.S. : What's the final word on Mastercrafting, Marco? You never quite gave a definitive answer.

I'm adding an app. Will have at least some medic abilities. Hopefully it will be good enough for you all. One question I have about the apps, where did everyone find the lists for their training/etc? Pretty awesome.

Charon would probably be one of the founding/early members. As marcoasalazarm said, there is one prerequisite for hiring us, and that it that the target has to deserve it. Charon's regret and semi-guilt over his history as a hitman would likely lead him to form/join a group of vigilante-for-hire types. If he were a founder, he would be way out of the spotlight when it came to actual leadership.

Also, my inventory got messed up while I was redoing it for organization, I will hopefully have it repaired by thursday at the latest. For now, I have put the basics down.

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P.S. : What's the final word on Mastercrafting, Marco? You never quite gave a definitive answer.
Can go up to +3. +1 is 'out of the box' Mastercrafting, anything higher than that is custom-made Mastercraft item. You can get the, no problem-but I ask that, when possible, you put a backstory for 'em (since they're on the realm of 'signature weapons').

@Grymmheart - I don't know about the others but Quentin's list is based off of my personal experience (having just gotten out of the Navy myself) and some basic research into his likely training pipeline and qualifications. If you'd like, you can send me a pm with what skills your build would be and any military or government affiliations they have had in the past. I can mock up something that could match it and/or give you something to work from.

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