Post on the main game thread as and when you are ready.

here is the out of character thread, please introduce your selves here with a character description and anything else you wish to share.

My name IRL is Adam. Character is Rhett Geresson, a human with a dinosaur companion. I imagine that whilst he will do the best he can to stay sane, the loss of the family and so on he knew might send him a little mad, or might make him a really hard bastard, not entirely sure. Major trigger for him will be if you threaten the dino.

Very nature based, very animal based. Should be a really interesting game. Looking foward to seeing what happens with it.

Character is Ozzie, time traveller extradinaire, with his companion Squawk (who is a hawk). Seemingly eccentric and knows more (or less) than people expect of him.

Lyryn is a Fighter and used to be a paladin and THROUGH NO FAULT OF HER OWN has fallen. she will not easily talk about why and has a current dislike of paladins. not that it will matter much now that they have all disappeared lol.

Through no fault of her own eh? Nah, my guess is that she found the self rightuous attitude and having to do good thing too much, and she was a wicked person really who delighted in the slaughter of the temple that you believed in or something like that. Just like with the jedi, there is a wickedness in them that they are too puritanical to admit :P

Hello to all, It is good to see most of the character descriptions up. It would be nice to see what characters look like also. Please feel free to post in the game thread the game has officially started. Savvy Steve and Aisling, have you both sorted your pre-game scenario yet?

Anyone who has not already PM'd me their nightmares description and their first day at the temple and why, please can do so ASAP.

I alas have not an artistic bone in my body, but if you were to imagine the stock druid, club in one hand and a slingshot in the other, covered in hand stitched leather armour, and instead of a wolf by his side, a dinosaur, then you wouldn't be far off. I will see what I can come up with.

Sorry I meant a written description of characters not pictures from people.

@Jestem. I like your game post.

We are just waiting on the last player to accept the invite.

@Shadows blade. I think we have it pretty much got the scenario sorted. Do i need to send you the nightmares? or due to my back story am i free from them?


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