Oh dear, a fallen paladin that has had no nightmares of why she fell? I think we just found out the BBEG of the whole game!

@Aisling. Your character did not have the nightmares about the coming disappearance, however there is nothing to stop her having nightmares about what has happened to her character.

@Jestem. I tend to go by rules as they are written, but if you wish to embellish the fluff regarding spells or feats or yourself and so long as it is not the stats or numbers you wish to change, it is perfectly fine by me.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know. Now I can do all kinds of cool stuff with the character and its fluff.

@Ailsing. You will be in soon. Seems people are beginning to post now. Thank you for being patient with me and the way I wanted to introduce your character.

Aw dont worry Shadows Blade. Your idea was good and you explained your reason well. I don't mind that you wanted to do that to her.

Alright, I'm here. Sorry for the lateness, I kind of just woke up. Harald's description is in the post I put in the recruitment thread, I'll copy it here in a moment.


@Isvan. No problem Isvan, Thank you for getting back to me, glad you still want in the game. Post on the main game thread as soon as you are ready.


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