I'm not going to post immediately because I'm not actually living in the temple, so it doesn't make sense for me to be sitting in one of the 'cells'. I just heard about it and had arrived when this apocalypse happened. I'm thinking maybe I was talking to some of the guards outside or similar when I got this hallucination, and when my vision clears he's gone.

@Isvan. If you wish to start outside then you disappeared with everyone else. I think that may be a short and not so fun game for you and for me. You may insert 'your room' instead of 'cell'. Everyone is there voluntary not just your self. (bar one character due to my choice). So your room would be on the same corridor as the others. This means you can still be friendly with the guards in your characters history, it is a temple not a prison. The doors do get locked of a night so there is some semblance of external control, but no one is held against their wishes.


Are there any subjects or things you would prefer I do not put in this game, for example any phobias?

Bare in mind if you put 'enemies above level 1' It will be ignored. However if there are any subjects that make you uncomfortable please let me know.

PM me if you do not want to share them with the group. I have played in campaigns before with a player who was afraid of dogs, so it is no problem for me to work around any subjects.

I am not a big fan of rape or self mutilation. I would therefore personally ask that those subjects are dealt with either as a fade to black or similar. Your call.

@Jestem. Not a problem at all, both subjects do not come up in my games anyway.

@Savvy Steve. Well I was thinking about a Daleks invasion but I guess I shall cancel that. Just for you.

I get the feeling I have not said before and another DM has reminded me to say it upfront, as some Gm's have different preferences to me. One GM I know expects three posts a day minimum, however like most Gm's on here and other forums, I expect at least 1 'in game' post a day.

Common sense says real life comes first and I have responsibilities outside of the game, so if you can not post for a while then a small heads up would be appreciated.

I do not want to get into a situation where we are all waiting for someone to post for the game to move on. I will always do my best to stop that from happening, however if it comes to a point where someone has not posted for a significant amount of time I will consider removing them from the game. I have to fair to all my players and I can not and will not hold up my games for one player.

This is just so you all know what I expect. I am fairly laid back and it will only become an issue when one player is holding up the entire group.

@Isvan. I will ret-con it this time, but in future please read the previous posts before you post your action. you where supposed to be the guy in the room. I now have an extra character existing because of your post. I shall fix it but in future please read the previous entries. I do not wish to sound to harsh here and I am glad you are now able to post in game I look forward to seeing what your character can do.

I thought you said i was in a different area from the rest of the rooms. I guess I misunderstood. If I was supposed to be with the others, you can easily say I got up and wandered around looking for people before I found anyone. I could easily have headed upstairs, found no-one and come back down when I met the others.

@Isvan. They saw some one in the room. That is the issue more than where you are now. I wont change what you did, I have already changed to much. I will figure something. Keep posting as normal.


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