@Savvy Steve. As this is out of combat and has no real effect on the scenario that you can just say it hit the wall and broke. As your strength mod is -1 it will break into a few pieces not shatter.

I would just like to point out that I find it fitting that Rhett's willsave roll was a natural 20 when I insulted Thumper

An update for everyone.

Isvan has been taken out of the game. I asked them to leave due to their lack of posting. I shall be looking for a replacement soon. The game will continue while I am looking.

Another update for everyone.

Isvan has gotten back to me and has explained why they did not post. One of the reasons is I did not make it clear that you could interact with the dreams. So I have re-invited them to the game. They may only be posting once a day so to prevent it slowing up I have asked that they spoiler future actions just incase.

Update for everyone.

I have invited another player to the game which should solve the 'occupied room' inconsistency. They will be playing a Rogue.

I am aiming to bring them in after this encounter.

Hey Everybody,

Ria Rye reporting for duty. Or I will be very soon.

Who do we have in the party? what are people playing?

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