I am playing Ozzie, time traveller extraordinaire (no, seriously, he is) with his faithful companion Squawk (who is a hawk).

Hi Ria, I'm Lyryn, Former Paladin and fighter champion.

Jestem is away till next week I am sure he will introduce himself better but for now, he is playing a Druid with a dinosaur companion, who is not a big a dumb brute.

Hey Ozzie and Lyryn,

Lyryn how did you end up as 'former paladin' did you annoy your God? Are you playing an anti-paladin?

Lol a Time traveller, that is an interesting take on a magic user. Hey to Squawk. how does a bird deal with time travel?

Hehe, No Ria I am not a anti-paladin. I built her as a fighter, the fallen Paladin bit is part of her back story. Are you looking forward to starting?

I like that idea, it is very creative and can make the fighter much more interesting to play. Yes I am looking forward to joining. Hurry and kill it Lyryn! lol.

Lia's back story is more conventional than that. She came from a large family of mostly boys and learned her skills joining them on, How to put it? 'Less than legal' jobs. She soon found she was better at it than they where and when they kept getting caught she went out on her own. Turning her skills to legitimate work, working with security details and animal trappers.

She started having these horrible dreams after her father died and put it down to grief until she heard about the temple and others who had the same dreams. She came there to get information and ended up staying for a while as they did not seem to have any information yet.

Shadows Blade told me that I was the character you saw in the rooms upstairs from where you are now. My guess is she was not awake properly and thought you where clerics or guards and when you all walked off and it went quiet again she thought she was dreaming. She will be down when she realises she wasn't and when Shadows Blade can put me in.

hehe, I am trying to kill it Ria.

I like your back story, that is not 'conventional', at least not that I have heard. I have heard the opposite, 'legit' gone bad.

I can tell you are trying. That seemed like a good hit to me.

If it where me in that situation I would of picked up a pan and hit him with it. Though I am a rogue, your fists are stronger than a pan I would think.

It is good that you like the back story. I hope that you like her.

All the back storys are good so far. They allow me as a GM to get to know your characters and motivations better.

I am waiting on Isvan's dreams and Demons Revenge's dreams to be PM'd to me and Ozzie and Harald to take their round one actions. As I have said in the Game play thread, you can post outside of initiative order just spoiler it.

Thank you to Aisling Finder who used the formatting I had used for the NPC's round actions. Could everyone do that please.

Yeh, basically the idea is many of his spells have different fluff to them (surprisingly involving messing with time in some fashion) and happens to travel through time as well.

As for Squawk, he's not just any hawk, he's a badass time-travelling hawk, he enjoys it. Gets to see new sights, eat fancy food from other times, and other things that catch a hawk's interest.

Thank you for your dreams Demons Revenge, they are very interesting and seem personal to the character.

@Isvan. I need you to send me (via PM) the descriptions of your dreams/nightmares and if you could also PM me your character sheet. I am happy to see Harald up and moving again.

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