Hello Everyone. Sorry about my lack of posting. I have just got out of hospice which means I can continue the game. I was not able to warn you all. Sorry that I did not get a message to you sooner.

Still here, still posting. Worried that the game seems to have died off a little alas, but want to keep it up. Hope you are well

Thank you everyone for your kind messages.

I am now able to get back online. I was in hospice once more and then we all lost power here due to nature's wrath. I understand we have lost Demons Revenge. I have not heard from some other players so I hope I can take that as a good sign. Thank you for your understanding. I am slowly getting better but it takes a while with this kind of thing. The game can continue if people wish. Though I will understand if you want to end the game.

I shall be back in hospice shortly but this time with internet access, as it is scheduled hospice time not emergency. I will be unavailable over the christmas and new year time period. I hope the advance notice helps you to decide what you want to do.

Shadows Blade

PS: Aisling. Thank you for the links, they did cheer me up when I could get them. I hope things are better for you and I have responded to you messages via email saying more about that. I am not sure if you received them.

It's good to hear that you're doing (reasonably) well. I'm fine with continuing with the game if everyone else is. I hope you get well soon.

Hi, just a heads up I will be busy from 23rd Dec to the 27th Dec. I know people have different busy time over this hol, those are mine.

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