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Arashi Hatake
"The leaf flows with the wind, I am the leaf and the wind."

Shinobi Card
Name: Arashi Hatake
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 78 lbs
Class: Fast 2/Strong 1/Scout 2/Taijutsu Master 1
Occupation: Hatake Clan
Element Affinity: Electricity
Combat Style: Swordsman, Hand-to-hand, Strong Ninjutsu, Decent Genjutsu, Tracking.
Allegiances: Konoha, Hatake Clan, Friends




Current History

Note: Since I was the one who suggested asking, yes I give permission to use this character as an NPC. Of course I prefer playing him like everyone else though.

Name: Sakuya Ishimaru
Age: 12
Race: Human
Height: 5'1"
Height 110
Class: Tough/Fortify
Occupation: Ishimaru
Elemental Affinity: Doton
Combat Style: Rock Fist Tanking: When in a melee fight she will hold her ground and fight until she can no more. She will usually use her Earth Mallet or Rock Limbs Techniques to hammer away at the opponents that she fights. Against bigger or stronger opponents she will use her sturdy as rock technique. If a quick escape is needed she has no problem holding things off until the rest of the team escapes if need be before she makes her own escape, usually using throwing knives or Earth Shuriken to help in her getaway.
Nindo: To be above what my own brother did. To put my Family, Friends, and village above all else.
Personality: Sakuya Ishimaru could be said to be a quiet girl, often seen training to become better. But that's until you get to know her better. Once inside she can be quite annoying, and very blunt, even when it isn't needed. She is honest and loves animals, even if they don't always love her back. However her will above all else is one of her best features, to a quite annoying degree at that. However as her friend you'll find it hard to be rid of her, and even harder to take on your own issues without her getting in the thick of it with you.
Background:Sakuya Ishimaru has lived a good life as a citizen of Iwagakure. Playing with other kids, making friends, going to school, and overall normal life. Her Mother, Brother, and Father all ninja of their village, known for their sturdy nature, and ability to see a fight through to the end. She would often hang around with her best friend of the time/relative Hiraku Ishimaru. The two of them often got into fights due to differing personalities , but were somehow still friends through the whole thing. She would often be the one to throw the first hit, seeing him being full of himself as, how she puts it, 'more annoying than a bee'.

Though stuff like that was several years ago, changing from one fateful action. Her brother killed himself, but planted the evidence on her before he did so. What his motives were for this wasn't clear. But by the time she woke up in the middle of the night she had been apprehended by village Shinobi and nearly put on trial for the murder of her brother. The claim was that she had brought him to her room, likely to play with him, and killed him than and there. The autopsy suggested a poison lined daikunai was used, much like the one found under her pillow. She had become so confused and distressed that she passed out and woke up crying. When she found out that her brother was dead because of her, she cried even moreso, not only because her brother was dead, but because she hadn't done it. It was thanks to a passing Konoha Ninja on his way through rock country, investigating this crime, having coincided with his mission. It was a few days of investigation, but her own name had been cleared. But many people seemed to think she did do it, leaving her and her parents ridiculed, and even picked on.

The same ninja passed through having to report back to his village on the mission. She saw him, and begged him to take her and her family with him to his village. It took alot of annoyance, but she managed it. She brought the nin back with her to her home where the ninja explained how, even if he did get annoyed by her, that it may be best for the 3 of them if they came with him to Konoha. It was a bit of talking that went on, but the 3 agreed, and given a day to be ready to move. She had to go say bye to her only friend left, Hiraku. The two of them got into another fight, before they said their long goodbyes. She packed everything she could, her parents notifiying the Iwakage of their plans to leave the city, leaving at noon the next day.

Fast Forwarding to more recently, she had been inspired by the nin who had cleared her name in Iwagakure she went to the Ninja Academy in Konohagakure, training, remembering the nindo that had been forged by the realization of her future, tempering it. She had received a mix of school training and her family training, learning the ways of her family fighting style, learning village Justu, practicing Jutsu based off of her family's element, not knowing that it was feeding off of her own personal element. She always kept in mind, after learning that her brother set her up, that she would become better than her brother was, to prove that her name wasn't what it is in Iwa.

Her friend Anri mentioned her dilemma with the shop and she was more than willing to help out getting it started. Much of the time early on was spent cleaning and repairing the old shop. The end result being, making and/or serving tea and crackers as the idea was. When she wasn't doing this though she could often be found training or hanging with her small group of friends.

Note: EDIT: I redact my previous statement and allow you to use this character as an NPC so long as nothing about the character that has already been made is not changed. Future changes in future levels however are fine.

All credit goes to the artist of this picture

Ninja's bio
Name:Makino Delemani
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Race: human/Jinchuuriki
Jinchuuriki mark: Like all Jinchuuriki, she has a mark that acts as a tell-tale sign that she is a Jinchuuriki. For her, as befitting of Nibi, is a tuft of short cat fur-like hair around her wrists that seem to emanate heat.
Height: a mere 4'3"
Weight: 83 lbs
Class: Smart Hero 4/ Medical Specialist 2
Occupation: Academy Student
Element Affinity: Water

Makino is a sweet, if over enthusiastic, young girl with an almost constant smile on her face. She has a great love of calligraphy, finding peace and tranquility in devoting herself to the art of fancy writing. She also has a distinct desire to protect human life, a desire that had given her the fire to fuel her training to try to become one of the villages medical ninjas. If there is one thing that drives her crazy, though, it's that everyone in the village seems to fear her and try to stay as far away as possible. She would understand it if they hated her instead of feared her, it was natural to hate someone you don't like, but to for them to fear her just plain puzzles her. Especially since no one will tell her why they are afraid of her! It just plain drives her crazy!

Makino Delemani was born as the youngest of three children, with twin older brothers coming before her. Her mother was Mara Delemani, her father was Izuku Madara and her brothers are Makrin and Zelmi Delemani. When she was born, as per tradition, her grandfather had the current Hokage transfer the Two-tailed Nibi from him too Makino. Being a Jinchuuriki, though she'd never been told about being one, even by her family, brought in a unique challenge. Primarily, everyone is scared to death that you'll lose control and murder everyone and thus almost violently refuse to deal with you.

With only her family to be able to rely on, she , from an early age, took to wearing significantly different clothing style than other kids her age, usually dressing as a boy, as nearly know one cared what she looked like, let alone did. It wasn't the constant fear she got from the others, nor was it the fact that no one would have anything to do with her, that made her frustrated, it was the fact that no one would tell her why. She felt as if that if they would just tell her why, she would be able to cope with it, and maybe even improve their attitude to her. In her frustration, she turned to calligraphy as a source of stress release. She found it very relaxing, being able to draw fancy script that had actual value.

Around the same time she began to learn Calligraphy she began her training in the Ninja Academy. Like always, she was always lonely in her class. One of her teachers, Uriyu of the revitalized Uchiha clan, took note of Makino's interest and began teaching her several different ways of creating special scrolls and seals that a ninja can use to augment their skills. It was during these sessions that she, by accident, found the seals that allowed a ninja to store their chakra in crystals. Delighted in this, she began, with the help of Uriyu-sensei, began collecting the inks required to make several element scrolls, a few advanced seals and a chakra storing gem.

About a year into being in the academy, when she was nine, she found a boy beaten up and bleeding from numerous wounds. Helpless to help the boy, she did her best to carry him on her back to the clinic. Of course the medical ninja there assumed that she was the one who injured him and tried to have her punished. It was by pure luck she ran into Uriyu-sensei when she did and had enough time to explain everything before the ninja that were chasing her caught up. Uriyu-sensei managed to talk them down and reminded them that they had a boy to look after. Even still, when Uriyu-sensei turned around to look at Makino and found that she was crying. The usually chipper Makino was crying and when asked why, Makino said that she was sad because she couldn't help the boy. Uriyu-sensei offered to help teach her medical ninjutsu, which Makino eagerly accepted.

The past year has been extremely hard on her, and was coupled with a few near disasters but once she graduated from the academy at ten years of age she was fairly competent with the two medical jutsu she managed to learn as well as the one Advanced Seal jutsu she managed to learn as well. It's now time for her to join her first squad and find out what destiny lies in store for her.

Makino Delemani would not look at all like a ninja at first glance, with the only obvious indicators are the headband tied around her arm and the large shiruken pouch strapped to her right thigh over her shorts. Having no one really care much about her meant that no one really cared what she looked like either, and a such she has taken on very much a tom boy-ish look. She has bright blue eyes and firey red hair that seems to be all over the place, despite the best tries at trying to tame it. She has adopted long cargo shorts with pockets full of random caligraphy gear, from paints and oils, to brushes and parchment. She has also taken to wearing what could only be described as a glorified tube-top with a netted 'shirt' over top. Around her wrists are bracers that have several kunai hidden underneath them and over her shoulders is drapped long green ribbon that despite all sense of reason just seems to hang there, never falling off. Strapped to her back are four unmarked scrolls that are really Elemental Scrolls of the water veriety.

I will allow, hesitantly, this character too be an NPC, but I'd much rather play.

Name: Amelia
Class: Strong
Occupation: Phenom
Age: 7
Allegiances: Good, Law

Description: Amelia is a fairly unassuming girl of seven years of age. She stands just under 4 foot tall with shoulder length brown hair that always seems to flow in even the faintest breezes. Her body is built like a swimmer's, her muscles lean and powerful but not clearly visible to the outside observer. Her eyes seem to be a perpetual shade of forest green with a calm, pleasant demeanor. She usually has a bit of a detached personality, hiding what it is that she felt passionate about. She usually wears loose fitting clothes as she tends to go through them quickly otherwise, typically colorful shirts and flowing skirts which never seem to go beyond her knees but never more than an inch above them.

All right's to the original artist.

Ninja's bio
Name:Hyūga Eiji
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Byakugan As is typical of a member of the Hyūga who has awakened the Byakugan, Eiji has shock white eyes under normal circumstances. In addition when he activates the Byakugan, his Visual Nerves become visible to the extent shown in the picture to the left.
Height: 4’8”
Weight: 92 lbs
Class: Strong Hero 3 / White Knight 1 / Taijutsu Master 1 / Byakugan 1
Occupation: Hyūga Clan Member
Element Affinity: Fuuton (Wind Release)

Eiji is a strong willed individual. He was raised to be one of the bodyguards of the Heir to the Hyūga Family. He was raised on stories of his Great-Great Grandfather’s adventures with the Jinchuuriky of the Nine-tailed Demon Fox. As such he is a great deal less afraid of the Jinchuurikies that roam the world in this day and age than most people would be, realizing that they are either victims of circumstance or simply just people who have been given the opportunity to rise to great power deopending on their circumstances. Like many Hyūga with the Byakugan, Eiji is slower to act in the face of violence, preferring to analyze the situation first and then decide on the best course of action. However once he does begin fighting he can be quite the force to be reckoned with in battle.

Having been raised for the sole purpose of protecting the Heir to the Hyūga family, as well as going on missions as dictated by both that Heir and the Hokage, he has been trained to be both fierce in battle and gentle outside of battle. He has been gifted with the trademark power of the Hyūga Family, the Byakugan. As such he can see the field of battle in a way that many people can’t.

His Great-Great Grandfather was none other than Hyūga Neji. As such he was raised on the stories of Neji’s adventures with Uzumaki Naruto. This has allowed Eiji to have a unique insight into the mindset of Jinchuriky and their Demon’s. Unlike many people he has not grown in fear of these individuals, seeing them as mere victims of circumstances in many cases, or alternatively as the rare few that destiny has chosen for a greater Fate than he himself is destined for.

Eiji has also been trained in the finer points of the family profession of the Hyūga Clan. Which has allowed him the ability to gain at least a small amount of money of his own.

Eiji wears the clothes that are typical for a Hyūga. Standard issue Leaf village military clothing is what he usually wears. When not in the field he will also wear more casual clothing, usually a kimono that is typical of his family. His clothing is usually earth tones so as to blend more easily into his surroundings.

Note I think the character is ready to be placed here. I want to note that I will allow the character to be used as an NPC, but would definitely much prefer to be the one to play the character myself. Though that is just personal preference on my part.

Name: Denzel De Gozaru (May be NPC'd)
Rank: Genin
Age: 12
Race: Human (no bloodline)
Class: Smart 3/Shinobi Scout 3

Basic InformationName: Zadurai
Nickname: Zad
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affinity: Doton
Age: 9
Class: Smart Hero 6
Bloodline: Medusa's Eye (Dojutsu)

Combat Style Zad uses a combination of his Dojutsu abilities and his Doton abilities to damage foes from a distance. If his opponents close the distance, he uses his twin souls style to fight with two seireiha blades. When in a dire situation, he will use his skin armour and his rising mud guardian jutsus to keep himself and his allies alive.
Zadurai: 9 years old

Zadurai: 14 years old


Shinobi Card
Name: Anji Matarashi cousin of Arashi Hatake <<<<<<<<<SHEET
Nick-Name: None yet
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Ninja Rank: Genin
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 73 lbs
Class: Smart 3 / Shinobi Adept 2 / Moujuu Aishou
Occupation:Matarashi Clan Head Family Guardian of Ryuuchi Cave Pact (Forced in to the Academy)
Element Affinity: Fire
Combat Style:Ninjutsu Combatant and Moujuu Aishou Specialist

In a Few Years (Age 15) Hair still black and red though

PersonalityAnji is highly intellegent, but is not overly book educated, nor very sophisticated due to his wild upbringing. Something the Academy has attempted to rectify.He is very much a doer that enjoys solving problems in simple direct ways, without tortuous planning or conversation. He trusts his intuition , and sees things others often miss, something he does not understand as he and Akuma see them. He's not as much of a loner as people think,but due to various unchecked instincts it takes time for him to warm up to you.Once he and Akuma have descided you are worthy you have found an unshakeable ally. Not the best in social gatherings due to various instictual short falls, he is often considered sarcastic or abrasive, but lacks the understanding to know why. He simple states what he feels is a social norm for him. Overall he's a good, down to earth kid with a highly instinctual streak.

HistoryThe line of Matarashi can be trace it's beginnings back to the rogue ninja Orochimaru. Even before his untimely death , and seemingly resurrection Orochimaru had a plan for his immortality. If he could not live on himself he would see it done through his experiments. One of his cursed chosen came upon his very place of testing after his death. The various mutation and horrid Jitsu discovered were enough to send the very Ninja Nations to war once more. So a pack was made....

To this very day the descendants Anko hold true to their chosen bonds. It is said that each cousin of each branch section of the families of the Matarashi family were sealed away for many years in this very place of experiment. As they dug through and researched each section of Orochimaru's techniques they soon realized that it was not safe for one Ninja to hold such knowledge. Each member of the Branch family was given a sealing scroll of one section of forbidden techniques relating to certain specialties, and each family would be charged with it's protection and understanding until a day could come when it would no longer be feared by the other nations.

Anko was charged with the safe keeping and protection of Ryuuchi Cave Pact. None knew that such a place existed or what the diziens believed, and it's very existence would cause turmoil among the masses near Koahono for the Snakes cared little whether they were good or evil. To them it was a simple matter of the Pact. A pact that on that day Anko vowed to make with each of her childrens children until the line of succession could be handed off...........

….................................Many years later.....

The attack came without warning. How they had manage to sneak past all the defenses was unknown. Most had been flawless variations of many of Orochimaru's own defenses. How this intruder had managed to bypass it all showed an unparallelled knowledge about Orochimaru. The fighting raged through the very corridors of the manor. This one ninja had very nearly killed his way to the hold where the eldest of Anko descendants sat with her child. A child of only seven. He was to be the next in line to bear the burden of the Pact.

As the final guards outside of the room died in her defense Anako did the only thing she could for her son. She called upon the pact and summon the Snakes champion. Running her very chakra through her son she ask him to show mommy the animal symbols. Smiling as her son performed the seals flawlessly. With his final seal she slashed his hand, and bound the pact to him. With a hiss the Snakes Champion enveloped the child and crashed through the building in to the Forest of Death. The final view of a child to mother was her sacrifice to see him safe.

The first to enter the forest was Anji's father with others of his clan , and those of the Hatake family. Days became weeks as no signs of Angi's were a bouts could be found. Fearing the worst as both his son and the Pact had vanished Anji's father petitioned the Hokage to allow him to track the attacker.

With each passing year neither the The Pact nor the boy had been found. It was a day of mourning for both the Hatake, and the Matarashi families as they had been linked for many generations in marriage.

The following summer the unbelievable became reality as the Chuunin examines neared their end. As the victors exited the Forest of Death and an unfamiliar sight befell the all. A young boy seeming near serpent in his movement and gaze exited the forest in nothing but his skin. As Jounin advanced to meet this boy a snake appeared from the same bush and coiled near the child's foot hissing in a defensive posture. As the approach continued the child himself coiled, hissed and began weaving signs as if to attack. It was not until one of the Inuzuku clan realized exactly what had occured that things settled down. They understood his animal tendencies and were able to coax him in to submission.

As the weeks passed Anji's transition back to a normal life was some what turbulent as he one many occassion did as his animal counter parts would and defended himself accordingly when his territory was encraoched upon. As such he was forced to sit in a corner by himself for the first couple of months of the academy. Learning quickly was something he had alwasy been able to accomplish so it was not but a few month more before he had learned what was needed to ensure he could function in normal society.

The Tadayoshi clan has a long tradition of producing elite samurai within the land. Always known for the unbridled loyalty, it came as a great shock the day Genji Tadayoshi was branded traitor to his clan. Genji had been overseeing peace discussions between two rival clans, when tragedy struck. Both leaders were assassinated and evidence was left which pointed to Genji. Never one to flee from adversity, Genji struck out on his own to find the true culprits. He had personally received the support of his daimyo, but to the world his daimyo voiced his displeasure. Before Genji could discover the truth, forces were sent to his household to eradicate the traitors. Genji Tadayoshi died protecting his family, but before he did he was able to help his pregnant daughter Sachi escape.

Sachi sought refuge initially with her dead husband's family, but was quietly turned away from fear of retribution that may befall them. Wandering for weeks, drawing ever closer to her due date, she finally collapsed near a secreted Ninja village. Sachi would awaken in relative peace, cared for by the village healer. She told the old woman her plight and begged refuge, which was granted.

Years later, Sachi had grown to love the village and all it could offer. Aways one with plants, she became a natural when it came to the herbology required to learn the healing arts. Even without the village, she had the love of her son, Nishimura. Nishi was growing well and brought joy to her whenever she looked upon him. Content, Sachi still looked back at the life they had lost with regret. She spent many an hour telling a young Nishi about his noble father and grandfather. She did not have to try very hard to instill a strong sense of honor within her son, as it was such a strong part of his heritage. Unable to send him back to the world of the Samurai, she begged the healers son to mentor Nishi in the arts of Ninjutsu.

Nishi excelled in his training, but never seemed able to truly separate his Ninja training with that of his Samurai heritage. Luckily for Nishi, his mentor was able to help him blend the two art forms into one and he gained access to the Konoha Academy.

Stat Card
Name:Nishimura "Nishi" Tadayoshi
Class: Dedicated 4/Kyujutsu Samurai 2
Occupation: Mentored
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lb.
Element Affinity: Suiton (Water)

Nishi is as taut as the bow he carries in battle. When he sets his mind on achieving something, his unwavering focus often sees him to success. Many people are unsettled by his intensity, as they often feel he projects that requirement to succeed on them. This is probably furthest from the truth as he sees it is his responsibility that others succeed around them. If they fail, then he has failed them to begin with. This drive stems from his need to bring honor back to his family name, which haunts his every waking moment and many of his dreams.

Nishi maintains a meticulous appearance. Honor for him not only comes from his actions, but from how others see him. What better way to convey perfection, than to look the part. His golden eyes pierce through most of his challenges either by guiding his arrows to their mark, or focusing his will to disperse the phantoms directed his way. Rarely one to break a smile, his visage appears etched in stone.

Rank: 1 (E-Class); Learn DC: 12, 1 success; Perform requirements: 1 rank (DC 11); Time: 1 attack action; Components: C, H; Range: Personal; Effect: Duplicates of the user; Duration: 1 minute / level; Saving Throws: None; Chakra Resistance: No; Chakra Cost: 1 + 1 per additional clones (maximum 2 + 2 per level).
By using this technique, the user creates one or more duplicate of himself. The clones stay near you and disappear when attacked. The clones appear by the user's side and cannot stray more than 100 feet away from the original.
The duplicates look like the user and are perfect duplicate, but they cannot speak or perform any action that requires having a body, like lifting an object or attacking a creature. Once touched by another creature or object or violently shaken, it disappears in a puff of smoke. If the user stand among his clones, roll randomly to see whether his clone or the real one is hit, unless the creature knows or has a way to determine which is the user.
A clone's Defense is 10 + the user's size Modifier + Dex modifier + half the user's class class bonus. A clone does make noise when it moves and it has a scent. They cannot perform any action that requires concentration and of course, cannot perform any technique.
Bunshin no Jutsu(Duplication) 1E (Free)
Rank: 1 (E-Class); Learn DC: 12, 1 success; Perform requirements: 1 rank (DC 11) (see text); Time: 1 attack action; Components: S, Mas; Range: Personal (see text); Target: You (see text); Duration: 10 minute / level (D; see text); Saving Throws: None; Chakra Cost: 1.
This technique is taught to most every student of the academy, minus those that can't or won't use Ninjutsu. Using this technique, the user assumes the form of a creature of same size category as he is or smaller. He may freely designate the specifics of his new form (such as height, weight, hair texture and color, skin tone, etc.). In this new form, the user keeps his hit dice and special abilities, but does not gain any of his new form's extraordinary, supernatural or spell like abilities other than its natural weapons and cannot change his voice. He keeps his own ability scores, levels, hit points, allegiance, base attack and save bonuses, but they are adjusted accordingly as per his new size category (if any change occurred).
In this new form, the user can use all his extraordinary, supernatural and spell like abilities unless they use a limb or body part that he does not currently posses in his new form. He can create equipment, natural weapons or simply make it so that his new form carries the same equipment as he does, but cannot create something overly complicated or that uses Chakra (no mastercrafted objects, no advanced weaponry, exploding tags, summoning scrolls, etc) and is not automatically proficient in them; any part of the body or piece of equipment that is separated from the whole reverts to its true form. He cannot use any technique of any type unless his new form allows him to, but is still capable of speech even if his new form would not usually be. Even in his new form, he retains his own creature type and does not gain any immunities he would with another (such as vermin's immunities to mind affecting attacks). The new form cannot be smaller than Tiny and he gains a +1 bonus to Disguise checks per level (maximum +15) if he uses the technique to disguise into another creature. The new form will not provide warmth if he is not clothed.
The user can also use Henge to transform into an object of his size category or smaller, but that is no smaller than Tiny. The DC in that case is equal to 10 + the purchase DC of the object. He cannot transform into advanced weaponry or mastercrafted weapons, nor can he replicate the effects of an object crafted with chakra (see above).
He may use Henge no Jutsu to transform his clones, but doing so increases the skill threshold and perform DC by 3, and costs 1 more chakra per clone transformed. The range of the technique in this case is of 20 feet and affects any clones at the user's discretion within that range.
When the a transformed creature is hit while maintaining a transformation, it must succeed a Concentration check (DC 10 + damage dealt) or see the technique abruptly end (note that each step of mastery grants a +1 bonus to this check). A creature that interacts with or intently observes the transformed creature may make a Spot check (DC 25 or opposed by the disguise check) to recognize it as transformed, but will not be able to determine what the true form of the creature or the user is. Creatures that can See Chakra or See Through Chakra can make a Spot check (DC 10) to notice chakra moving in an odd pattern around the user, which will in turn allow the creature to make a Ninjutsu check (DC 16) to identify the pattern as a result of Henge.
The user, when performing Henge, may also spend 1 additional point of chakra to increase the duration by 10 minutes, up to 10 minutes per level.
Each step of mastery in this technique grants the user a +1 bonus to the user's Concentration check made to avoid losing the technique if damaged.
Henge no Jutsu(Transformation) 1E (free)
Rank: 1 (D-Class); Learn DC: 13, 1 success; Perform requirements: 1 rank (DC 12) (see text); Time: 1 attack action or 1 instant action; Components: H, M, Mas; Range: Personal; Target: You; Duration: 3 rounds (D) or Instantaneous (see text); Saving Throws: None; Chakra Cost: 1.
The user substitutes himself with another object of approximate size that he can lift with his carrying capacity, found in his general area. This allows him to effectively replace himself with a chakra construct and use this technique to either create a Diversion or Avoid an Attack.
The construct left behind is a fair likeness of the user and can pass inspection at first glance (Spot check DC 10 required to tell that the construct is a fake).
Diversion: The user replaces himself with a construct that appears in his square, while he may move up to 30 feet away or his current land speed (whichever is lower). The construct can follow a single, simple command that may be any single of the following: Stay still, run, walk, eat, sleep, swim, and jump.
The construct will follow the command for up to 3 rounds, until dismissed or it comes in
contact with a physical object of any kind, no matter how light. The replacement cannot spring a trap unless the object used can potentially do so (ie, a log might trigger a pressure plate trap).
The replacement does not evade, dodge, block, and is not capable of sentient thought, nor is it capable of performing any activity beyond its given command. It is completely non- responsive and cannot be altered after being created, and is likely to act in an uncharacteistic way that will make the deception obvious to anyone interacting with it.
When creating the diversion, the user can make a Hide check if he moves out of line of sight unless closely observed while doing so. He may hide without penalty as long as he has sufficient cover.
A creature that can See Chakra or See Through Chakra can make a Spot check (DC 10) to notice a strange pattern of Chakra over the construct, which will in turn enable it to make a Ninjutsu check (DC 16) to identify the construct as being a replacement.
Avoiding an Attack: The user performs Kawarimi as an instant action before an enemy attack roll (melee or ranged attack, touch attack, or grapple attempt) targeting him specifically, and moves as though with the Diversion use of this technique. To do so, the user cannot be flat-footed or denied his Dexterity bonus to defense. Skill threshold does not apply to avoid an attack.
Avoiding an attack costs 1 point of chakra, and can be done up to 1 time per day. The attack avoided must be from a creature with a Challenge Rating equal or lesser than his level, or 1 (whichever is lower). The user cannot avoid an attack if he is immobilized in any way.
To avoid the attack, the user must make a Perform check (as per Kawarimi no Jutsu, mastery counts) opposed to the opponent's attack roll (add 5 if the attack roll is a Chakra Control, Genjutsu or Ninjutsu effect, a natural 20 or a confirmed critical), minimum 15. Success means that the user replaces himself with a construct (as per Diversion above) that is immediately destroyed.
Avoiding an attack must be declared before knowing the result of the attack roll. Failure means that the chakra spent trying to avoid the attack is wasted, and the technique fails.
If performed with only one hand free, the user suffers a -5 penalty to his perform check. If performed with no hands free, the penalty increases to -15. An opponent can choose to lower the value of its CR for the purpose of allowing an opponent to evade the attack in this manner, but not increase it.
Each use of Avoiding an Attack stacks with all other techniques with effects that allow you to Avoid an Attack, such as Hijou Kawarimi no Jutsu or Shundou.
Every step of mastery after the first allows the technique to be used an additional time per
day, up to 5/day.
The first step of mastery allows the user to avoid an attack from a CR up to his level or 5, whichever is lower.
The second step of mastery allows the user to increase the cost to 2 when avoiding an attack, to avoid an attack from a CR up to his level or 10, whichever is lower.
The third step of mastery allows the user to increase the cost to 3 when avoiding an attack, to avoid an attack from a CR up to his level or 15, whichever is lower.
The fourth step of mastery allows the user to increase the cost to 4 when avoiding an attack, to avoid an attack from a CR up to his level or 20, whichever is lower.
The fifth step of mastery allows the user to increase the cost to 5 when avoiding an attack, to avoid an attack from a CR up to his level or 25, whichever is lower.
Kawarimi no Jutsu(Body Replacement) 1D (Free)
Chakra Control (Body)
Rank: 1 (E-Class); Learn DC: 12, 1 success; Perform requirements: 1 rank (DC 11); Time: 1 move-equivalent action; Components: C; Range: Personal; Target: You;
Duration: 1 minute/level; Saving Throws: None; Chakra Cost: 1.
This technique allows the user to stick to smooth surfaces, climb up vertical walls horizontally, stick to ceilings with his feet alone and walk on them as he would do on the floor. It holds its name due to the fact that young ninjas are taught this technique trying to climb up trees vertically. Hanging upside down implies a cumulative -1 penalty to attack rolls and skill checks per two rounds spent in that position. Should the user be tripped while hanging upside down, he will fall without possibility of catching himself at a rate of 200 feet per round, increasing by 50 feet every round.
Alternatively, if the user is tripped while standing on the side of a wall or surface, he will still fall unless he makes a Climb check (DC 15) to catch himself, though he will still be considered prone. On the round the technique should end, the user may spend a free action to sustain the technique and renew its effect rather than have it end. Doing so still costs the user the same Chakra Cost, as though he had used the technique normally. The user does not lose his dexterity bonus to defense while "climbing" in this manner, nor does he suffer any movement penalty. When walking up a slippery or completely smooth surface, the user must make a Chakra Control check (DC 10) every round or fall down (see above).
When landing on a wall or other similar surfaces, a character can use this technique as a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, but suffers a -5 penalty to his Chakra Control check to perform, must pay double the chakra cost.
The user may also use Kinobori to stop his fall if he is within 10 feet of a wall. He will reduce the falling height by 90 feet, eventually stopping when the falling a number of round sufficient to reach that length at one quarter his previous falling speed (typically 200 feet plus 50 feet per round spent falling). No matter what the situation, Kinobori cannot be used on ice-covered surfaces unless the user meets special requirements.
Kinobori 1E (Harmony)
Chakra Control (Body)
Rank: 2 (C-Class); Learn DC: 15, 2 success; Perform requirements: 3 ranks (DC 15); Time: 1 move-equivalent action; Components: C; Range: Personal; Target: You; Duration: 1 minute/level; Saving Throws: None; Chakra Cost: 1.
This technique allows the user to float on watery surfaces. He may float on water, oil or blood, even, but not actively harmful substance like Acid or Lava. The user is able to walk, run or charge normally and suffer no movement penalty while on calm water. If the user uses this technique on rough water, he must make a Balance check (DC 15) or move at half his normal speed until his next turn.
If the technique is used on stormy water, the user must make a Balance check (DC 20) or move at one-quarter his normal speed and lose his dexterity bonus to defense until his next turn, where he must remake another check. On the round the technique should end, the user may spend a free action to sustain the technique and renew its effect on the same round, instead of having to spend another move-equivalent; doing so still costs the user the same Chakra Cost as it would if he used the technique normally.
Using this technique underwater has no effect until the user surfaces. When landing on water, a character can use this technique as an instant action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, but suffers a -20 penalty to his Chakra Control check to perform, must pay double the chakra cost.
Tadayou 2C (Harmony)
Taijutsu (Strike) [Armed]
Rank: 3 (C-Class); Learn DC: 16, 2 success; Perform requirements: 4 ranks (DC 16); Time: 1 attack action; Components: M, E, F; Range: Projectile weapon; Target: One creature; Duration: Instantaneous; Saving Throws: None; Chakra Cost: 2.
The user makes an attack with his held projectile weapon at his highest attack bonus which gains a kawarimi defense 1 every 4 levels (maximum 5).
A Samurai character of the Kyujutsu path with 2 or more class level is able to substitute this technique for an attack during a full-attack action. The base attack bonus of the technique is that of the attack it was substituted for. To substitute the attack, it cannot be empowered. Perform requirements are automatically met.
The user may spend an additional 1 points of chakra to ignore 1 point of armor or natural armor bonus to defense, up to 3.
Material Focus: The user's daikyuu, hankyuu or greatbow.
Kyujutsu; Sasshi 3C (free-Samurai)
Taijutsu (Strike) [Armed]
Rank: 2 (D-Class); Learn DC: 14, 1 success; Perform requirements: 4 ranks (DC 16); Time: 1 attack action; Components: M, E, F; Range: Projectile weapon; Target: One creature; Duration: Instantaneous; Saving Throws: None; Chakra Cost: 2.
The user makes an attack with his held projectile weapon at his highest attack bonus with a +1 bonus to attack and weapon damage rolls.
Material Focus: A hankyuu, daikyuu or greatbow.
Taijutsu (Strike; Requires Spot 6 ranks and Dead Aim (f))
Rank: 6 (C-Class); Learn DC: 19, 2 success; Perform requirements: 7 ranks (DC 19); Time: 1 full-attack action; Components: M, F, Mas; Range: Projectile weapon; Target: One creature; Duration: Instantaneous; Saving Throws: None; Chakra Cost: 6.
The user makes a single attack with his projectile weapon against any target in range. If it hits, the user makes a Spot check before rolling damage, and gains additional damage depending on his check result.
If the user took 1 full-round action beforehand to use the Dead Aim feat, he also gains a +2 bonus to his Spot check. The additional damage is not multiplied on a critical hit, and cannot exceed 1d6 every 2 levels.
Spot check results Added dmg Bonus Att
10 or lower 1d6 +1
15 2d6 +2
20 3d6 +2
30 4d6 +3
40 and higher 5d6 +4

Material Focus: The user's daikyuu, hankyuu or greatbow.
Kyujutsu: Tsukeme 6C
Ninjutsu (Suiton) [Water]
Rank: 1 (D-Class); Learn DC: 13, 1 success; Perform requirements: 1 rank (DC 12); Time: 1 attack action; Components: H, E; Range: Close (10 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels); Target: One living creature (see text); Duration: Instantaneous; Saving Throws: None; Chakra Resistance: Yes; Chakra Cost: 1.
By focusing his Chakra into his salivary gland, the user is able to produce a great amount of saliva very quickly, and even thicken it to harden the impact. The user then spit those ball of saliva, who are now very much like mud, onto his targets and makes a ranged attack roll at his maximum attack bonus for each sphere. Said spheres deal 1d4 points of water damage to the target; the user may target different creature for each ball, as long as they are within range.
A Mizudama may also put out small fire, such as a torch or a candle. Mizudama no Jutsu is one of the few Suiton technique that does not require a source of water nearby. In addition, if the user is able to perform Toushou, he may do so right before using Mizudama no Jutsu by increasing the perform time of Mizudama no Jutsu to a full-attack action. Doing so counts as though the user had performed only one technique.
Using both technique in such quick succession allows the user to freeze his water spheres in addition to having the standard effects of Toushou, allowing him to deal 1d4+2 points of damage, half being cold and half being water. Using the technique in this manner no longer allows the user to put out small fires, though he may use the projectiles to break lanterns and such.
The user can fire an affitional sphere at the cost of 2 additional points of chakra (maximum 1 every 2 levels).
Mizudama no Jutsu 1D
Rank: 1 (E-Class); Learn DC: 12, 1 success; Perform requirements: 1 rank (DC 11); Time: 1 attack action; Components: C; Range: Personal; Target: You; Duration: 1 round/level; Saving Throws: None; Chakra Cost: 1.
This basic ninjutsu grants the user more freedom of movements. For the duration of this technique, the user will gain a +4 bonus to Escape Artist or Dexterity checks to free himself from bounds or confinement (such as ropes or manacles).
Nawanuke no Jutsu 1E
Ninjutsu [Varies]
Rank: 3 (D-Class); Learn DC: 15, 1 success; Perform requirements: 3 ranks (DC 14); Time: 1 attack action; Components: C, S, F; Range: 0 feet; Target: Held weapon; Duration: 1 minute/level or until dropped (D) (see text); Saving Throws: None; Chakra Resistance: No; Chakra Cost: 2 or 6.
This technique imbues a held object or up to 5 thrown weapon with chakra until the technique expires or 1 round after they are dropped. The imbued weapons count as chakra enhanced to bypass damage reduction and deals an additional 1d6 points of force damage to objects and creatures made from pure chakra. This damage does not apply to creatures like clones or summon creatures.
With appropriate mastery, the chakra cost can be increased to 6 to imbue the weapon with the user's primary elemental affinity, but does not change the object's outward
appearance. This adds a descriptor to the technique, as shown below.
- Crushing (Earth affinity, Earth descriptor): The crushing weapon has hardness 20, bypasses dark iron damage reduction and ignores hardness from objects with 8 hardness or below. Objects enhanced with this effect retain normal hardness. The weapon gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls against targets affected by the Suibouheki no Jutsu technique.
- Vibrating (Lightning affinity, Electricity descriptor): The vibrating weapon ignores all hardness from objects and up to 5 points of damage reduction. Objects enhanced with this effect retain normal hardness. The weapon gains a +4 bonus to attack rolls against targets affected by the Tsuchi no Yoroi technique.
- Searing (Fire affinity, Fire descriptor): The searing weapon reduces the hardness and damage reduction of objects or creatures it strikes by 2 for 3 rounds. Each hit reduces hardness and damage reduction further by 2, up to a maximum of 10, but does not refresh the duration. This effect ends after the weapon successfuly hits 5 times.
A creature that suffers damage equal to or greater than one-quarter of its hit points from a searing weapon gains only half of the effects of any Medical ninjutsu techniques, Conjuration (Healing) spell and use of the Treat Injury skill to restore hit points for 24 hours. The weapon gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls against targets affected by the Junkaze no Jutsu technique.
- Slicing (Wind affinity, Wind descriptor): The slicing weapon ignores up to 15 points of hardness or damage reduction and automatically confirms critical hits. The effect ends after the weapon successfully hits 4 times. The weapon gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls against targets affected by the Raidate no Jutsu technique.
- Freezing (Ice affinity, Ice descriptor): The freezing weapon reduces the hardness and damage reduction of objects or creatures it strikes by 1 for 5 rounds. Each hit reduces the hardness and damage reduction further by 1, up to a maximum of 10, but does not refresh the effect. The weapon gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls against targets affected by the Soukou no Jutsu technique.
- Slowing (Water affinity, Water descriptor): The slowing weapon reduces the Defense of the creature it hits by 1 for 2 rounds. Each hit further reduces the target's Defense by 1, maximum -5. The effect ends after the weapon successfully hits 5 times. The weapon gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls against targets affected by the Enkoudate no Jutsu technique.
With the first step of mastery in this technique, the object remains imbued even when dropped as long as it is not moved further than 5 feet away from the user.
With the third step of mastery in this technique, it can be performed on normal objects, regardless of material composition or enhancement seals.
With the fifth step of mastery in this technique, the object can be imbued with a certain element (see above). The fifth step of mastery can only be acquired at ECL 12 or higher. Material Focus: A thorium, ironium or containment weapon or object.
Ninpou: Chakra Nagashi 3D
Taijutsu (Stance)
Rank: 2 (D-Class); Learn DC: 14, 1 success; Perform requirements: 2 ranks (DC 13); Time: 1 swift action; Components: C, M; Range: Personal; Target: You; Duration: Stance; Saving Throws: None; Chakra Cost: 2.
This stance can be used with both small weapons, such as kunai, and unarmed attacks. The user hunches upon himself, bringing his limbs closer to him, and lashes out with his attacks as a snake would. In this stance, unarmed attacks and attacks made with Tiny or smaller melee weapon have their attack rolls modified by Dexterity instead of strength. The user also gains a +1 bonus to Defense to avoid attacks of opportunity provoked when he attempts to grapple or disarm an opponent.
Shinobi Hiken: Dachi- Bankyou Hebi 2D
Rank: 1 (E-Class); Learn DC: 12, 1 success; Perform requirements: 1 rank (DC 11); Time: 1 swift action; Components: M; Range: Personal; Target: You; Duration: Instantaneous; Saving Throws: None; Chakra Cost: 1.
This technique is taught to academy graduates in various village and is all about absorbing damage from one's fall with Chakra and clever use of positioning. During any fall which was not caused by a technique (for example, being thrown up by Kage Buyou) and in which he is not denied his dexterity bonus to Defense, the user may use this technique to reduce the effective falling height by 10 feet for the purpose of calculating the damage of the fall. This technique stacks with use of the Tumble or Jump skills.
Shou Rakumugai no Jutsu 1E


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