All for One / One for All : Part II - Act VI

All for One / One for All : Part II - Act VI

Madoc / Kristof / Heinz / Ilundil / Ilsa

"Why I never thought of it as that? Scapegoat...Hrmph! Far from it! I'm not a lackey to Liebnitz nor a pawn to his efforts." Kicking the ground and spitting on the floor, Schutzman continues to look you squarely in the eye. "And I don't like someone pointing that out. The more I think about it, the more I think your right. Tell me again what happened with the wells." as the man leaves a question for you to answer, the more you can tell your charm and pervasive demeanor seem to be working on the Justice. " You do know that he has proof that Sigmar is an agent of chaos? Well he does! And the more I think about it the more it makes me want to throw the whole bit out of court. I tell you it's Hogwash and rightly so, a bit extreme if you ask me." For the first time his gaze drops to the floor, it seems we are at a disadvantage. I honestly do not believe that your friends are the problem. I seen them myself. Light as day the both of them. They certain bore no vestige of chaos on them nor spurs of evil. Listen here, you have until court proceedings tommorrow to prove their innocence. I will give them recognizance and if Liebnitz questions me I will say they didnt look like a mutant to me High Deputy."

Knocking the jailers feet off of it's stool, awaking the man in a hurried motion," Release the woman and the", with that the jailer uses his key on the tumbled lock, jigglling it ever so and in a fluid turn releases the lock and opens the door. As the jailer walks down the straight hallway towards your cell. Ilsa has been resting on the matted floor and Ilunidl is locked in conversation with Matthias Hoffer. Simply put...someone has stolen the Icon of Sigmar and the Golden Skuill of Khorne and knowledge of this it is imperative that you tell Madoc, Kristof and Heinz of this most dire situation. As the jailer releases the two of you, you are somewhat confused and then relieved to see your friends at the door of the Jail awaiting your freedom. Mostly all together again, the only one missing is Heinz.

"Thank you Schutzman. You are a man of honor.", Kohler says to the bailiff with a slight bow.

He looks with relief on the familiar face of Ilsa and Ilundil as they are led from the confines of their jail cell.

Madoc also offers a bow to the man and a handshake.

Thank you indeed for your clear and rational thought also. It is only through honor, willpower, faith and logic that we will conquer the Chaos. We must be off.

He helps their companions to make haste from the jail and back to the stable for his horse.

Having been released from her unfair captivity did little too appease Ilundil, still, she did her best to control her emotions and act accordingly, “thank you for your help” she told Madoc and Kristof, the words coming with great effort. She turned to look at Matthias Hoffer who did not seem to have been granted a pardon or about to be released, before turning towards the other two, she had known them briefly, her former companions having disappeared, but if they had trusted them, there had to be a reason. Taking them to a side, where the others could not hear them, she whispered at their ears, “Someone has stolen the Icon of Sigmar and the Golden Skull of Khorne. Heretics most likely, it is time humans make amends it seems”

Pondering what Ilundil says, each of you stay silent while making haste through the streets. The streets at this point were a anarachy and chaotic. If the Graf was here, he himself would oppose to the cities residents fighting among one another in the streets. It seemed after passing the Temple of Ulric, people of Sigmar were demonstrating the very idea of bringing Sigmarites to trial. It was apparent that the Frieburg was not much different as you arrive at the Temple of Sigmar that bore a few folk demonstrating the downfall of Sigmar. Getting closer and closer to the gates of the Temple a man can be seen leaving as Heinz is there to send the fellow off to his destination. Almost turning without seeing you something tells him to look again and then sees the four of you returning and then Heinz opens the gate for all to enter.

"Come on in, we have to discuss."

Heinz makes a sign to invite them inside the temple.

As they are walking the young initiate discusses with them. "I'm so glad you're all out of trouble and safe. As you probably know, there will be a trial tomorrow with outraging charges put on the blessed Cult of Sigmar itself. How are you guys?"

"Hell. This city is falling and likely to burn.", Kohler answers, a sour expression on his face, "I say we find a way out, through the sewers perhaps, and leave it far behind."

"Do that if you must, but I'm not going to leave when Sigmar needs me." Heinz's determination was clear.

As Madoc, Ilundil and Ilsa remain relatively quiet during the whole encounter, Illundil is seen packing her gear. When questioned by the others, the female elf retorts that she has redeemed her fallen brethern and that making quick haste back to her home is required. Ilsa asks if she can assist Ilundil on the road and make haste from the city. It seems that running is the only option for the two of them. They do not want to stay in a city full of hate and prejudice. From the door they can be seen leaving the Temple of Sigmar where folk continue to rouse out of anger and the fear of the unknown. As Kristof and Heinz continue their talk, Madoc seems also be consumed in deep thought.

Madoc turns to Heinz,

I would think Sigmar himself is fine. It is this outpost of his church that is in peril. Maybe correspondence should be sent to either temples to rally support both martial and religious for the Sigmarites here.... And what of the plot of these cultists. Perhaps we should look into the clues we discovered and try to figure out what is their larger plot?


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