All for One / One for All : Part II - Act VI

An attack on the Cult of Sigmar is an attack on what Sigmar represents, and is of the greatest heresy. A messenger was sent in haste to Altdorf to inform the high priests of the situation. They will take action, I am sure of it, Heinz replies.

Meanwhile, we are on our own. What clues do you speak of? I thought the icon was gone for good this time.

Clearing his throat, Madoc steps up close to Heinz.

The tome! And whatever else we took off the cultists. And then there is the hideout itself. There may be more clues there.

"You're right. With all of what happened, I was forgetting about that," Heinz says apologetically.

"You really want to go back there? Now??"

Madoc shrugs.

Want doesn't play into it... no I don't want to but this trial is a farce. I have seen them used for all kinds of trickery and evil in my own country as well. Where judges and magistrates walk, lesser men should scatter for fear of being crushed underfoot! We should find something more suited to our abilities. The cultist's hideout. The clues we have found so far. Perhaps we could find something to help exonerate those in trouble or at least lead us further down the trail as to the master game of these cultists. I fear this is not ALL they planned. They were coming from out of town. So that means this plot could span the Empire or even into other countries.

As Madoc's words trail off and a distinct calm is felt, time to think things through, each of you know more than ever the importance of clearing the churches name. If for any reason for the betterment of Middenheim and helping Heinz. You are caught up in a miasma of possible heresy and deceit. Taking the opportunity to find rest within the quarters of the sanctuary, your sleep is restful after a hard day of fighting outside the hideout. After a restful nights of sleep, the day of the trials was upon you and you needed answers. Awaking and attending to your personal cleanliness, you was with cold water within the ceramic basin and look upon yourself in the mirror. Combing your hair and parting it ever so, you clean your trappings and gear but most of all sharpen blade and restock provisions for the upcoming travel back to the place that was left behind. You really didn't know what you were going to find but it was worth a shot. Maybe a long shot but you needed answers and fast. Adorning your coifs, leggings and boots each of you meet for a hearty breakfast. Remaining calm and quiet over breakfast, this was not a time for joyous occasions. A somber mood really, you finish up harvested peasant bread with pine nut butter and a medley of fresh cut fruit and roasted ham. Washing it down with a fresh wine from the winery, the food served was comparable to the Grafs Repose the Bed and Breakfast you were at just a few days earlier. In your haste you make for the Hideout. The early morning was greeted with the distinct smell of the city and a whiff of pleasant fresh air wafting through your moist washed hair. As the dust trampled beneath your feet traveling to the poorer section of town, nobody knew if the occupants had cleared or not. Standing in almost the exact same spot you look to see if there was anything amiss or out of the ordinary.

Kohler crouches upon the filthy cobblestones, straining his eyes and ears for anything out of the ordinary.

Your perception of the mysterious Fleishchers Slaughterhouse appears to be vacant after spending several minutes watching the surrounding area. Whether there were mysterious people arriving or leaving the building, all of you surmise that going forward was in your best interest. The tall warehouse was looming and foreboding in every sense of the word. Finding the doors to be locked, you would need strength to enter the closed door. It seemed that the doors were locked from the outside in. Someone made quick haste to hinder any further passes into the building. Moving detris and boards with other common commodities. Removing the obstructions you listen to hear if there are any voices coming from within. Not able to budge the door with your strength or implement, you look around and see a window opening roughly 8 feet in the air. It is tall enough to need rope but not as tall that climbing the rope cannot be established. Fastening the rope to a stone, you needed the weight of the stone to heft the rope in the air and through the open window. As the rock assails through the air a soft thudding sound reverberates against the open sill. Taking the opportunity scale the window, you will are at the middle level. Coming inside the room, you see an age old sign of meat racks hanging from the ceiling. The room is full of boxes as the smell of old meat permeate the air, there is nothing to note in this room save the cobwebs and scant degree of dust and clutter. There are stairs going up and down near each other.

Madoc leaned hard against the door to try and get it open in vain.

Frustrated, he moved to let Kristof try his luck. He watched the streets while the warden worked the door. Happening to look up he noticed the window.


He was relieved to have found a way inside. Meat racks... that is strangely disturbing given the situation. Down first or up, I vote for up first.

"Hrrm.", Kohler answers in thought, fingering his pistol and glancing into the shadows, "Up I'd say. Better to clear the top rather than being trapped below."

Making your way through the flight of stairs, the wooden boards strain underneath your footing as you make way to the top. Your progress towards the top of the stairs is met with cool and chilled air. Something supernatural about this place of ill repute. Upon the top of the stairs awkardly arranged in the back of the spacious room is a makeshift altar to the god of the Purple Cult. An slain body stained with dried blood that cascades down the sides of the altar and a few candles light when you enter the room. The gore of the room is splattered around the room and immediately an invisible voice calls out to you. Haunting your aspirations of finding clues. The voice calls for you to leave. In an instant a Spectre wisps in front of you and could cause fear as you possibly will become stricken with grief.

OOC: Please roll for initiative also please roll a fear test average skill modifier please.


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