All for One / One for All : Part II - Act VI

Heinz feels the chilly air and observes the eerie altar. This is an unholy place where the forces of chaos will be strong. I better be vigilant, he reflects. As a ghastly vision takes form in front of his own eyes, he cannot control his fear in that very instant. Without a word or a thought, the young initiate turns tail and starts running.

Madoc also had his faced turned up at the unholy scene before him...and then the Spectre materialized before them.

The temperature dropped and his breath became visible
Bbbby the Lady! is all he able to get out before the fear pushes all else out. His survival instincts kick in and he too succumbs to the fear, running after his companions.

As each of you run from the horrific appearance of an undead spirit, you finally have Flieschers Slaughterhouse behind you and at point of indifference each of you stop to catch your breath. Remarkably the apparition has not followed and has left you within an impass. Thinking this a lead to solving the mystery, you have your speculations but will need to prove it. Maybe at this point, the Schism of Churches was too great for any one man or group to stop at this point. Reliving memories you effortlessly search your mind to try and keep up the resolve to settle this matter once and for all.

Once they were away from the horror of the ghostly spectre. Madoc looks at the others.

Let us look for mundane clues, perhaps starting with the fact that the relics disappeared when this Liebnitz raided the Temple of Sigmar. Let us try to follow up in that direction. Flesh and blood are more to my liking I think!

Heinz nodded at Madoc's words. "Yes, Liebnitz must have something to do with the relics' disappearance. I don't trust him one bit and I suspect him to be part of a larger conspiracy. But how do you suggest we go after him? This hideout was our best clue."

We could watch him, follow him I suppose. And from that maybe we can find clues about who he associates with...Something like that.

He shrugged and scratched at his whiskers since he had neglected his shaving of late.

Deciding to investigate Liebnitz, you make for the District which contained it's Temple. The dusk turned from bitter orange to a purplish gray hue. Walking you can see people lighting lanterns and placing them on the city wide streets. Remarkably so, you were a few hours away from the Trial and needed to clear the name of Sigmar before it was too late and he was cast down by the Liebnitz and the people of Ulric. Something was fishy as people of Ulric and Sigmar usually got along. There was something about High Deputy's zealotry that made him stand out among the first to investigate. It was however after the guards took Ilsa and Ilundil away that the skull and relic of Sigmar came up missing. There were some different turn of events as you make your way in what you think is the correct way there. It seems the city watch has established a no go area for some of the areas. Using stealth you find your way through without the need for force.

Arriving near, everything seems quiet around the Temple of Ulric. As you approach, you can see the roof of the great hall silhouetted against the night sky, and illuminated from within by an occasional flicker from the ever-burning Fire of Ulric. A group of three Watchmen patrols around the outside of the building, followed after a few moments by another group, and another. They look nervous, holding up their lanterns and peering out into the darkness as if they expect to be attacked. Suddenly the wind shifts a little, and your ears catch a fragment of chanting. It is too faint to make out at this distance, but it seems to be coming from inside the temple. Almost at the same moment, a brilliant red glare lights up the temple from the inside, pouring out through the windows.

"What devilry is this?!!", Kohler spits in a harsh whisper, "There must be some sort of unholy ritual taking place inside. Shall we find a way in or be rid of this cursed city for well and good?"

"This city is in peril, we have to intervene! Let's be careful though, vile magic is at work." Young Heinz spoke with conviction.


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