All for One / One for All : Part II - Act VI

Madoc nods reluctantly. They were no longer quite the force they were before but there was nothing to do about that.

I agree. We must persevere against even the most daunting of foes.

Yon blood red light. It reminds me of the blood splashed battlefields too short a time ago. It seems that chaos is ever waiting to bloom, always seeking new and fertile ground. Let us take on the mantle of gardeners then, tending to the soil of our fields, to keep out this menace! Even if it should lead us to the Temple of Ulric.

Kohler cocked an eye at the flowery speech from the squire. He was of a mind to quit the city for well and good. The childish spats of the servants of Gods were of no concern to him.

He thought of the peasant girl, Ilsa, and how she was being made a scapegoat, a sacrificial lamb for those in power.

"Come then!", he grumbles, leading the way across the courtyard to the looming edifice of the Temple of Ulric.

Kristof is the last to finish rallying all of you towards the main door of the Temple. The cities watchmen have changed patrols so now is the best time to issue forth and investigate the Temple of Ulric. The soft padding of foot underneath the moist skin of earth in the nights air allows for stealth across the fielded gravel. It is not long before the three of you have made it across the way and now find yourself outside the door. Attempting to open the door, it is barred from the inside out to probably keep wary intruders from gaining entrance inside. You will need to find another way inside or you could very well attempt to bash the door down. You will need the assistance of one or more people to accomplish this task as it is no easy feat. Soon the guards will be on patrol again and you will be caught with your pants down. As Heinz assists Madoc in budging the doors enough to squeeze through, the main doors have empty oval basins where the holy water should be. It looks as if they have not been filled in sometime. Stepping through the doors you pass through the main door and into the Gallery. The wonderful art depicts the glory of Ulric in a time when it was most popular to Middenland. Lighted candles can be seen upon gold and crystal chandeliers as the plush carpet is red with silver and earthen brown patterns. The focal point of the temple is the Sacred Flame of Ulric. According to tradition, the fire was struck by Ulric himself. He appeared in a vision to Wulcan, the first High Priest and the son of Middenheim’s founder, the Teutogen chief Artur. Towering over the city, he smote the rock with the iron-shod haft of his great war-axe Blitzbeil, and the silver-white flame sprang into existence. The god prophesied that so long as thissacred flame continued to burn, the city and its people would endure. Awakening from the vision to find the flame leaping from the rock before him, Wulcan wasted no time in starting construction of Ulric’s temple on that spot. Stepping into the vaulted roof of the temple stands 120 feet high, and is held up purely by the perfection of its architectural design, with no magical assistance. It gives the temple stunning acoustics, which allow a preacher in the pulpit to he heard by the entire an congregation, without having to raise his voice. The temple can hold up to a thousand worshippers at a time.Around the temple has grown up a complex of buildings, including accommodation for the senior priests, private chapels maintained by some of the city’s wealthier families, the official archives of the cult of Ulric, and various other support functions. These rooms occupy most of the eastern half of the temple complex, along with the ten-storey Great Tower that joins them to the main temple. The temple also boasts several lesser towers.As soon as you take in the sights of the Temple of Ulric, you notice two Teutogen guards stop to stand guard from passing beyond this point of entry. They withdraw their swords and wear chain-linked armor that reverberates a crescendo through the Church. They were orange and white but noticing their facial expressions their eyes are dark and sunk in, they seem to be of the possessed lot.

"We three cannot hope to storm this temple", Kohler hisses, drawing his pistol. "We must rally the Sigmarites and the Watch!"

Looking at the two crazed guards coming their way, Heinz wields his mace in his right hand. "Do we have a choice? What if their dark rituals can be stopped right here, right now?"

Madoc is out of his element here, demons and all. But as he said earlier his resolve was to do what he could.

Perhaps we could rally others with proof. Perhaps one of these possessed men taken back to the authorities alive?

"Then let us do so.", Kohler agrees grimly. "But I fear these guards outstrip even you, Madoc. We will be hard pressed."

Madoc nods, understanding a strategic retreat was a luxury some knights never learned. Not so Madoc.

We can rally the city watch, we have credibility with them. Let us withdraw and inform them of this. Quick now, I will take the rear as you do so!

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