All for One / One for All : Part II - Act VI

Young initiate Heinz was willing to fight on. He felt that it was urgent to stop the chaos-tainted Ulricans immediately. But to be fair he was a bit scared, too, and so he didn't argue further with his comrades, who had seemingly made up their minds already.

"Okay, Madoc. Let us do so, for Sigmar!"

Quickly turning round and leaving at once, it goes without merit that they did give chase till they reached the borders of the Temple doors. While it seemed that the Temple Guards were enthralled, maybe it wasn't enough to give chase. Leaving the Temple Estate of Ulric, it isn't long before you run into the City Watch. There are four poor souls who are dressed in meager armor and hold knotty clubs and wooden bucklers. No match for the likes of your proven team but if you were to receive help, maybe outnumbering the Temple Guards would be more effective than just the three of you. As you approach them, the Watch yell for you to halt your progress. Speaking loudly as they near each of you, they in turn surround you with four of the Watch encircling all of who stand there. The apparent leader begins to speak," Halt....state your attentions folk of Middenheim. You do know there is a curfew. Your nearly an hour over curfew. Speak now or forever hold thy peace"

Madoc nods at the guards. Stalwart Watchmen! There is a dire state of affairs in the Temple of Ulric, some sort of spell has fallen over the guards there and I fear for the rest of the faithful. Come quickly and be ready with yon clubs for I fear they have hostile intent in mind.

Heinz quickly adds, "What this man says is true. The city is in peril. We need your assistance at once."

Turning in an almost one hundred and eighty degree movement, the Watch seems eager to hear of something....anything that will stop their boredom of routinely watching their jurisdiction. " Aye! You'll have to prove it to me Squire!", said the leader of the four City Watch. Leaving at once, they quickly follow in pursuit of the three heroes. When you arrive, you notice everything has been left as it has been and find yourself quickly maneuvering through the Temple dedicated to Ulric. Something sinister afoot, you clearly point out the disheveled Brotherhood of the Axe as they and another seem to guard the doors beyond where the red aura is emanating from. Quickly without resolve, the Temple Guard run towards the seven of you brandishing a deadly sword. The leader of the watch yells out for the Guard to halt and sheathe their swords. They do not listen and surprise the four city watch with an attack. Running up to the watch, they are completely surprised when they ask them to stand down, " Halt in the name of the Graf! Stand down and stave thy weapon!", they care little or do not heed the warning as the lead Temple Guard swings wildly, attacking the Watch Leader. Missing him and swing around again with a slice to the body. The Guard and leader are over run by the second Temple Guard and severely wounding him. His leather garnments do little to hamper the effective sword play of the possessed guard. The third is heavily wounded as well along with the fourth guard injured lightly. All of you stand slack jawed at this remorseless attack and stand ready to enter the fray.

OOC: You may begin actions out of turn. No need to roll initiative just post.

Without hesitation, Heinz charges into the melee, brandishing his hammer above his head to strike down the mortal enemies of Sigmar. "Die, chaos scum!"

Madoc is saddened at the destruction wrought on the Watch by the guards, but since they are now at hand, he is ready to act, decisively.

He takes a step up on to the first guard and swings his sword twice in succession. The first strike hits true but the second misses.

Steady hearts stalwart friends. We fight against the minions of chaos this evening. Stand true and we will bring them down.

With a look of grim determination, Kohler takes aim at the templar's head and pulls the trigger of his pistol.

Taking up his pistol, Kristof senses the Temple Guards will attack and knows the possessed Templars are crazed and ill of mind. Aiming and squeezing the trigger, the hammer connects and ignites the black gun powder and a lone bullet rips through the air. The shot connects with the first Temple Guard's head and as the shot connects the body immediately slumps to the ground. As the battle ensues, one of the Cities Watch strikes to stun his opponent but fails as the toughness of the possessed guard simply shrugs off the attack." I say again stop and stave thy weapons." Within seconds, the other watch intervenes and disarms the third Temple Guard. It is enough to buy all of you some time as he loose precious moments to stop what he was doing and pick up his sword. The Temple Guards simply retaliate with two viscious attacks at the uninjured guard and the third guard.

Heinz continues to strike against the crazed temple guard in front of him. Taking his time to find a weakness in his opponent's defenses, the initiate of Sigmar strikes at the guard's left shoulder, but his hammer fails to connect.

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